Autographed Swatches

During the last year and with the help of several swatch collecting friends (thanks, you know who you are!), I managed to add some autographed swatches to my collection.  I also have an autographed Access To Space but this is mounted in an acrylic display so I can't scan it at the moment. My Access To Space looks almost the same as the one on display at Rob Allsopp's site except that mine is autographed in silver (much rarer :-).

There are several ways to collect autographed swatches:

Below is a (for quality reasons 200 KB large!) picture of the signed swatches in my collection. If YOU have a picture of YOUR autographed (not by you of course :-) swatch, please email it to me and I will add it here.

From left to right:

  1. Mark Spitz (US athlete, Olympic Legends Aquachrono)
  2. MAX (designer of Jungle Tangle gent)
  3. Hideki Nakazawa (designer of Tokyo Manga gent, on the back)
  4. Michael Johnson (US athlete, Gold Medal chrono, on the back)

A friend sent me a picture of a complete SKIN set signed by supermodel Tyra Banks:

More signed swatches. From left to right:

  1. Rascal (designer of Moonchild artist swatch)
  2. Simon Johnston (designer of Always Now gent swatch)
  3. Rex Ray (designer of Always Now gent swatch; he also signed the box)


Here is a Funky Staff Candy Dulfer MusiCall signed at the opening of the Amsterdam Swatch Store on 20-NOV-97:


Here is a picture of the Stiletto artist swatch signed by designer Cisco Jiminez:

Here is a picture of the Ticking Brain artist swatch signed by designer Jo Whaley:

Here is a picture of the Wired Musicall swatch signed by designer John Hersey:

Here is the Karlsruher SC Access signed by German soccer world cup champion Guido Buchwald [now playing for the Karlsruher SC]:


Here is a Lady & the Mirror artist swatch (in japanese special packaging [1000 pcs]) signed by designer Miran Fukuda:

Here is the London city swatch (with signature on box) signed by Designers Republic (Liz Close et al.):


Here is a picture of a Gold member card signed by Nick Hayek:

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