Swatch Club watch 2017 Pre-Launch

17 to 18-MAR-2017, Milano, Italy

After an exciting day and an even more exciting evening in London, we took a very early morning flight to Milano.  We had a few hours until the official start of the event at 3pm, so Holger and I were ready to explore the city in the early morning.  The streets were very quiet at 10am, this was really astonishing.

It was a very nice walk of almost 2 kilometers from the **** NH Milano Palazzo Moscova hotel to the heart of the city of Milan.  We passed quite a few nice art galleries and one of them even had artworks by Mimmo Paladino and Mimmo Rotella on display.  Quite surprising!

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.  We did not enter any of the shops :-)

As the weather was so perfect, we decided that we would do something that we surely would not do later with the Swatch group:  Climbing the Duomo di Milano on foot :-)  It takes about 200 steps.  We were rewarded with a breathtaking view from above.

fashion shooting? :-)

Later, we made the obligatory visit to the Swatch store in the center of Milano.

Shortly before 3pm, the ~25 international event participants met in front of the hotel.  Many of the usual supects were already there...

We took a bus to the Teatro Nazionale Milano for a Creation Time workshop.

The stage was decorated in "Celebration Time" style and ....

... as a surprise, Claude introduced sound artist Chiara Luzzana. She had worked together with Swatch for several projects in the last years, including the Swatch's soundtrack 60 BPM which was unveiled at Venice Biennale 2015.  With this project, Chiara Luzzana recently received the Platinum Award at the Muse Creative Awards 2017.  She gave a short introduction about herself and her projects and shortly afterwards, we were invited on stage in order to record a new soundtrack with the Celebration Time theme.  Scratching, clapping, singing, very quiet sounds, ... everything was recorded.

Chiara surely knows how to use the software.  After about 15 minutes, she played the almost finished track to us.  Great fun, it was a really exciting workshop and a nice project!  Thank you Chiara, thank you Swatch for making this possible...  You can listen to the "Swatch Club Is Music" track at (scroll down).

Afterwards, we returned to the hotel and we had half an hour of leisure time.  So it was a good chance to have a closer look at the (then) brand-new Skin watches, directly imported from London :-)  Everybody picked his favourites....

At a quarter past six, we left and we walked the short distance (about 10-15 minutes) from the hotel to the Swatch store at the Piazza Gae Aulenti.  It is a quite new area in Milano with some futuristic sky scrapers and office and apartment buildings.

About 70 Italian Club members joined us (25 internation Club members) during the evening at the store and later during the dinner.  So it was quite crowded in the small store.  I think that the colorful tubes were not painted just for the evening...

Before the launch of the new club watch, we first shot a "Mannequin Challenge" video.  I am really curious to see the final result.  Will it ever see the light of the day?

And then:  ...let's get the party started!  Time to unveil the new club watch Spice It Up (SUOZ261) and its limited version Dress To Impress (SUOZ713S, 888 pcs).

Here it is!

lots of confetti, lots of pictures!

...and a long queue as usual for shopping...

The next morning, we went on a sightseeing walking tour with a real chef.  He showed us five nice food related locations in the heart of Milano.  This was a great experience as we a) had some time for food tasting and b) we would never have found these locations on our own even if they are located in the street next to the Duomo....

At Pasticceria Panarello

At pasticceria e cioccolateria Giovanni Galli

At the gourmet food shop Peck

At the historic Campari bar Il Camparino

Look who we met there!!!  It was a pleasure to see you again, Giusy!  (literally for 5 minutes only :-)

Ah!  Lots of Campari Orange!


No drink required!

Oh yes!


And the last stop was at the Pescheria Spadari

This sightseeing walking and eating tour was a great idea and something completely different.  Thank you Swatch for organizing the tour and the very nice event!  Lots of memorable experiences.

And then it was time to say goodbye in front of the Duomo.  A few of us still had some extra time until they had to catch their flight so we went to the superb Keith Haring exhibition at Palazzo Reale.  The exhibition is really really highly recommended as it had a great didactic concept and it shows you that Keith Haring was a real artist with lots of inspiration from earlier artists including Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Piet Mondrian, ... and all the way back to the Middle Ages. 

A very nice place to get married!

Goodbye Milano! also has a great report about the Milano Club watch launch.

Swatch Italy has now posted a great video about the Milano Club watch launch.  The best part of the video is at 01:58.

And here is another version of the video:  The Mannequin Challenge:

Andreas Wiethoff, 04-APR-2017.

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