Artists To Swatch exhibition by Roy Porello

12-NOV to 30-DEC-2016, Athenaeum Music & Arts Library, La Jolla, CA

Swatch Club Pioneer member Roy Porello showed about 1000 Swatch watches of his collection in an exhibition called Artists To Swatch.  The exhibition was on display at the North Reading Room at the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library in La Jolla, CA.  Pioneer member Esther Montagner made the trip to La Jolla and took photos at the exhibition.  As you can see, the watches were beautifully displayed...

Signed by Pol Bury!

Signed by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

Esther having fun with the curtain :-)

Mark Quint and Roy Porello pose with Porello’s 1000-Swatch curtain.

Thank you Esther for sending the photos!  Esther is also an artist in her own right.  Please check out her website!  If you are interested in her art, you can contact her directly, she will surely offer her art at a very good price for Swatch friends...

Andreas Wiethoff, 30-DEC-2016.

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