Second Club Watch Launch Event Frankfurt

22-SEP-2016, Frankfurt, Germany

On day after the big launch event of the second Club watch 2016 in Paris, France, I was also at the launch event in Frankfurt.

About 25 club members Germany participated at the event.  We met at 7pm at the Cocina Argentina restaurant. 

Britta and Stefan from Swatch Germany gave a short introduction to the evening.....

...and then it was time for some Tango Argentina....

Afterwards, the second club special Piolin's Time (SUOZ240S) was unveiled and three pcs of the "ultra limited" version of the second club special (SUOZ240S-1) were sold.

lucky draw for the right to purchase, no cheating here :-)

Thanks to Britta and Stefan for a very nice evening!

Andreas Wiethoff, 24-SEP-2016.

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