Swatch Club Gold & Pioneer Event Geneva 2017

19 to 21-MAY-2017, Geneva, Switzerland

The traditional Swatch The Club Gold & Pioneer Event 2017 took place in Geneva, Switzerland.  This time, the inscription rules had been modified slightly:  For Gold & Pioneer members, it was no longer possible to bring a guest, so about 90 actual Gold or Pioneer members participated at the event.  Hence, the event was slightly smaller compared to previous years.  Additionally, the event was the last one that had been organized by Claude, Charles and the team of Swatch Club Intl.  Lots of changes "behind the scenes".  So somehow, it felt like "the end of an era" (in many aspects).

Around noon of Friday, we met at the stylish **** hotel N'vY.   The hotel had been changed a few days before the event as the original hotel was now needed for the Syria peace talks.  So we can confirm that Geneva is a truly international diplomatic city.

Love the decoration!

Many of us met a little earlier for a lunch before the start of the event.  We wanted to remember Hetto (he will be missed so much!) and present a photo book with lots of great memories to Ellen.  Idda and Christine had prepared a special Swatch bag for the photo book:

Cheers, Markus!

Presenting the photo book

During and after lunch, the inscription for the event had already started. 

At 3pm, we met in front of the hotel for the first activity of the event:  Skin Is In Town photo shooting in small groups.  Charles officially opened the event giving his last welcome speech at a Club event.

interesting neighbors near the hotel

Our small group walked about 10-15 minutes from the hotel to Lake Geneva.

A very rare Jelly Fish Gent!  (thick hands but no "(c) Swatch AG 1985" at the 12 o'clock position).  Just try to find one....

Amazing photo shoot!

New Gold member Fred (USA) and Pioneer member Stephen (UK)

Great display at the hotel

In the evening, we took the buses to MAMCO (Musée d'art moderne et contemporain) for a guided tour of the museum.  Before the start of the visit, we had a few drinks in the inner yard of the museum.

Swiss artist Anthony Bannwart presented the "live creation" of a few new artworks. Swatch Creative Director Carlo Giordanetti was also present and introduced Anthony and his art to the club members.

A very special technique!


Before dinner at Cercle Des Bains, we had a guided tour of the museum, in smaller groups (different languages).

Yes, this is art!

I love those older prints!

This is art, too!

After the museum tour, we had dinner at Cercle Des Bains, in an old factory room.

Live painting by Giroscope:  "The Key Of Geneva"

More live painting by Nicolas Constantin, alias Nicko

Carlo Giordanetti gave a nice welcome speech.  He first thanked the old staff of Swatch Club Intl. and introduced the new head of the Club:  Viktoria Bays.  She has been with Swatch for many years.  Welcome Viktoria to this crazy world of Swatch collectors!

At the end of the evening, both paintings were successfully finished:

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