Gold & Pioneer Event Bern / Biel 2011

part 2: Race Day

The second day of the G&P event took place at the Expodrom in Murten.  Three main activities were conducted during the day:  cart racing, working with real excavators, and bowling.  We were divided again into several different groups so we could switch activities during the day.  It was a lot of fun, especially the cart racing!  Here are some impressions:

even the youngest members had fun!

lunch time!

After the lunch:  Time for cart racing!  Several athletes of the Swatch Pro Team were present and they competed against the club members.  Most of them were at least 1 second per round quicker than the club members, but hey, it was still a lot of fun.  Most impressing was Mat Rebeaud who had to use a walking stick outside of the cart (he is currenly injured) but still drove like hell on the cart track...  Other Proteam members present during the day included Anne-Flore Marxer, Xavier De Le Rue, Phil Meier, ... You can see the names on the screen shot below.

Stefan was a little injured (grand final!) but nothing serious...

Third activity was "working with real excavators".  This was really difficult as we had to fulfill different tasks at each station.

digging for some boule balls

The whole day was really great and filled with activities, I have to go cart racing in the near future again...

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