Gold & Pioneer Event Bern / Biel 2011

part 3: Gala Dinner at Grandson Castle

The grand final of the Gold & Pioneer Event 2011 took place at the Château de Grandson where a gala dinner was held.  It was a beautiful evening and first, a reception was held outside.  Everybody had dressed up nicely...

event the ProTeam had dressed up!

autographs by the ProTeam

The dinner was superb and the dinner hall even better...

After the dinner, we were asked to go outside where an open-air party was arranged.  The lights looked great on the castle walls.

The new Kidrobot collection was introduced....

...and the new club watch was officially launched. 

And as a big surprise, the first club watch was given to Antonio, former head of Swatch The Club.  It was great to see him back on stage!

Next, the huge Kidrobot suitcase (limited to 300 pcs) was unveiled and a lucky draw (for purchase rights!) for four pieces was held  (there were about 15 club members interested in a purchase).

the box is really huge!

Afterwards, the ProTeam handed out some prizes for the activities during the day (I also got a small trophy for 3rd place in cart racing :-)

And then, the bar was open.  Many drinks and cocktails until late in the night...  A quick ProTeam photo shooting was held as well!

Time to say "Goodbye" again :-( 

Here is an overview picture of all the stuff that we received at the event:

It was a great event, lots of activities and fun, interesting production visits.   So the motto "100% Swatch!" was 100% correct :-)

Thanks to everyone at Swatch The Club and ixxalp for a smooth organization!  Hope to see you all soon (in HK / Shanghai?)

Here is a wonderful video from the event by Swatch:

More event pictures and impressions at, and Toty Booms.

Andreas Wiethoff, 22-SEP-2011.

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