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     Greetings. The following "Access" watches are all very intelligent, in that they contain memory and communication hardware that lets them be anything from a ski pass to an electronic purse. The following pages comprise the only Swatch Access specific site on the planet.

Swatch Access News

     I recommend that you check out my Swatch Access News page for all the latest Access gossip. [updated 22nd August '98]

     FYI: I own all the watches featured below, and the ones on the "Standards" page too...

Time for Goodwill

«Goodwill Games»

    Thanks to some friends in the US, I've managed to get a Goodwill Games Scuba Access (small strap). I recommend the small strap if you don't intend to swim in it - the watch sits closer to your wrist and will fit better under sleeves than a scuba with a large strap...

Coming Soon

«Lucky 7»

    The Club watch for '98. It's got a whole lot of symbols of luck on it. Contrary to what SMH Australia tells you, it can be purchased in stores, you don't have to go through the club.

Surf City

«Surf City»

    Another Access 2, this one's a Sydney City Map swatch. It won't be available to the rest of the world until at least September, possibly '99 - even then the access version may never be available outside Australia.

Japanese French Festival

«Le Salon»

    This special was made for a French festival in Japan. It's a limited, numbered production, my one is 10494/50000. There's a lot of info on the back of the pack, it's a shame I can't read Japanese...



    An Access 2 for the Commonwealth games. You can find out quite a bit of running information about this watch and one of the companis behind it from my News pages, my C.A.T. page and my Glorious Runner (Sydney 2000 Olympics) page.


The Access 2 from Sydney...

    It's arrived.

Syndey 2000 Olympic Swatch

«Glorious Runner»

    The first Sydney 2000 Olympics special, as mentioned in my Swatch Access News page has now arrived in Perth. This page also contains info about other interesting technology tid-bits relating to Olympics of the future - particularly Sydney 2000. There are also links to other Olympics merchandising that I've collected over the years...

Extreme Close-up

«Garden Turf»

    This is the Club Swatch for 1997. I'm hoping to join this year, but Swatch just don't seem to be in a hurry to get back to me... I've finally got it, no thanks to SMH Australia.

Swatch watch pic


    The 2nd Portuguese special Swatch was released around the middle to late September. It's an access model, which allows entering this century's last universal exhibition Expo' 98 that will take place in Lisbon this year between 22 May and 18 September. It finally arrived on my mothers birthday (5th Dec).

Swatch watch pic


    Access to the inaccessible: The Treasures of Mount Athos. A local watch store got one of these in for me!

Swatch watch pic

«Ora et Signora»

    If you're into soccer teams, you'll know the name Juvecentus Turin. You'll also know about their 100th anniversary. Well, they got a swatch made, and it gives you access to their celebrations...

Swatch watch pic


    Access to Salzburg Swatch. Spurred on by the positive comments I received about the 5th Element swatch page, I've put together a page on the Salzburg swatch, which I also own.

Swatch watch pic


    This is the 5th Element Access Swatch, you know - the movie with Bruce Willis. This swatch is generally available as a non-access (gents) edition, but I got the very limited Swiss access version - it was used as a ticket to see the premier of the movie.
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