Swatch Access : Adamastor


Swatch Access «Adamastor»

    The following passage has been OCRed from the Adamastor "instructions".

Swatch «Adamastor»

The Swatch Access you have just purchased is named for a character - a seamonster - in ,,Os Lusiadas'', one of the crowning achievements in Portuguese literature. Poet Luis de Camões invented the tale of a great monster living at the Cape of Storms in South Africa, barring seafarers from sailing into to the Indian Ocean from the Atlantic. Courageous Portuguese explorers were the first to brave the Cape, defeating the monster. After that, the name of the cope was changed to ,,Cape of Good Hope''.

«Adamastor» brings you to the EXPO'98
Your Swatch is equipped with Access technology, which can provide hands-free entry to the grounds of the World EXPO'98 in Lisbon, Portugal. This means that your Swatch can function as your electronic admission ticket!

How to proceed:
Your Swatch Access may be loaded or reloaded with a ticket at the ticket booths listed below:

Please note: If your Swatch Access has a sticker on the package indicating that a one day ticket has already be loaded on it, just point your «Adamastor» towards the Swatch Access reader at EXPO'98 entry turnstiles. Walk up directly to the entry gate. Don't queue to buy the ticket.

You come out ahead with «Adamastor»
With your Swatch Access Adamastor you enter the Expo ground without waiting. Your Swatch can be reloaded with as many tickets as you like. Please note that only one entry ticket may be charged at a time. Adamastor - a unique blend of fine watchmaking and high-tech wizardry - makes the perfect souvenir of your memorable stay in Lisbon, as well.

«Adamastor's» home at EXPO'98: The Swatch Pavilion
Do you like interactive exhibits and games? Are you interested in the amazing story of Swatch? Are you curious about innovation and technology? Do you love pure design? Just want to have fun?
Visit the Swatch Pavilion at the World EXPO'98 in Lisbon. The Pavilion showcases Swatch at its best, with remarkable stories, creativity, technology for the future, and lots of fun.
Enjoy this great experience.

«Adamastor» pitches in
Swatch is contributing US$ 2.00 of the purchase price of each Adamastor to help protect the oceans. Thank you for helping us help the environment.

For more information about Swatch at the EXPO'98 please (all this in Portugal: (++351) 1 207 34 42 or have a look at our website (

The Access function of this Swatch is exclusive for the EXPO'98.