Barcelona Swatch The Club Swatch Launch Event 2001

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The launch event for the club swatch 2001/02 took place in Barcelona, Spain on the weekend from 30-MAR to 1-APR-2001.  About 60 swatch collectors from all over Europe met on friday afternoon in the lobby of the Barcelona Plaza hotel.  The hotel was already decorated in a "swatchy" style:

Click on the pic to see the decoration!

One good thing (among many others, such a nice city, don't miss it!) about Barcelona was the weather.  It was really great to escape for a few days from the grey, cold, rainy weather that we had here in Germany for the last weeks.

Swatch had organized a city tour with two buses to get an idea and a feeling about Barcelona.  First the buses drove nearby the 1992 olympic stadium to a hill with a nice view of the city...

Notice the Sagrada Família in the back!

...and the port:

Yes, they are all swatch collectors! :-)

Walking back to the bus

Then, the bus took us in the heart of the city near the Ramblas.  A guide took us for a walk of about one hour through the older parts of the town.  We saw one of the fourty market halls of Barcelona, ...

..., the cathedral, ...

The cloister of the cathedral.  Note the goose!

...and many other nice old buildings.

In the evening, we had a delicious dinner in the restaurant Cangrejo Loco in the modern olympic port of Barcelona.  Great food, excellent wine, and nice talks.

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