Swatch Access : Element

Swatch Access «Element»

    This page is dedicated to the special Fifth Element Swatch Access watch package from Switzerland, which also comes with a CD and Smartcard. I welcome those of you that have come through the Fifth Element Web Ring, and recommend that you go to my Swatch Technology page to have a look at a bunch of other cool Swatch watches.

    Above is the cover to the box that the package comes in. To the right is the inside of that box, well half of it - there's also a CD balanced on a piece of cardboard, but under the watch and tickets is a jewelbox for the CD (below).

    Anyway, anyone that's bought this limited edition watch, which is the swiss version BTW, for investment will be happy to know that I'm wearing the watch and playing the CD, so there's one less mint one out there (grin).

    There are other versions of the 5th Element watch. A UK site has pics and info on the German release, but it's a non-access version. There is infact an unlimited gents version that should be available world-wide, but again it's not an access version.

    But the reason I got this pack is for the access function of the watch. Access watches are "smartcards" and can be used for all sorts of neat stuff - tickets, ski passes, multiriders, or just plain cash payment. So I was thrilled to find another smart card in the package (The underside is pictured right - the front is in the box above.). Now all I need is for someone to translate the instructions for me (grin).