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    The following information was previously available on my Swatch Access News pages...

    From April 29 to May 5 1998, there was a "French Festival" in Tokyo. I have no idea what this event actually was, but swatch released an access special as entry ticket. It's code number is SKK106E. There is be a special packaging, numbered, and 50000 pcs total. French Festival

"The fixed price is ¥7,500 and a plus consumption tax ¥375. SKK106E is sold from the end on March, 1998. It is used in the France festival held from April 29, 1998 to May 5 with Tokyo Bigsite." --From a Japanese site.
Thanks to Yasuhiro Minato and Takashi Odagiri for the picture on the left and information and Andreas again for compiling it all.

Updated Info from the Swatch Feb '98 newsletter;

"1998 will be the French year in Japan. A wide range of cultural, commercial and gastronomic events are plan-ned to mark the occasion. And the universal watch brand Swatch will naturally enough be on the scene too! jocx--TV, the largest private IV channel in Japan, is organising a festival of French culture and agriculture at the end of April. They are expecting over 200,000 people to attend. And the privileged visitors will only be admitted with a Swatch Access!"