Swatch Access : Club '97

Extreme Close-up

Swatch Access «Garden Turf»

    This is the story of me getting my '97 Club Swatch. Warning - This story may be distressing to SMH shareholders.

    The Swatch Club first came to my notice around June-July '97. At that time, I filled in a Web form for more information about joining the club. I waited around 3 weeks for something to arrive, but received no reply. I then purchased the Salzburg Access Swatch, and filled in the request form contained within and mailed it, air mail, to the international club. Over the next few months, through to about mid-October, I sent a total of 5 requests for club information. Via; Web, Mail, Web again, Email & finally Fax. At the beginning of November, I found an existing club member and used a spare form of his, which he then faxed to SMH Australia, from "Watches of Switzerland", a local (up-market) Swiss watch store.

    Since that time, up to now (Wednesday, 10 December 1997) I have received two club info pack joining things - one dated September and another dated October (Quick hint - Non-Airmail from Europe to Australia does take about 3 months). A week or so after signing the form and providing my credit card number, that store acquired a «Garden Turf». When my November Credit card bill arrived, there was no sign of my membership payment. I inquired at the store, and they contacted SMH Australia, which confessed to losing my membership application. I was lucky that the store had not sold its «Garden Turf», and I was able to pick it up straight away.

    So, that took about 6 months. Maybe you could get it down to five and a half if you cut out that fourth round of toast...

    I will now attempt to join the club, again.