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    Update 8th August '98 - A Glorious Runner variant has been released through the Sydney 2000 Olympic Club. See my Access News page for pictures and info...
Installing solar electric panels on a rooftop of the Olympic athlete's village...

     Update 14th July '98 - I told you I'd have info about the Alternative Energy stuff from the Sydney 2000 Olympic Village. So, the suburb of Newington will be hosting the Olympic Village, which is currently being built using some impressive alternative technology. If you want more info, see either the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) or the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA). The picture (click on it to zoom)and quotes were taken from issue 64 of "Renew" (an ATA pub.).

"Up to 665 permanant solar equipped houses will be built in Newington as part of a staged development..."
"Pacific Power will supply, install, own, operate and maintain the PV [Photvoltaic] systems which have the potential to produce a total of one million kWh annually."
"...each have approximately eight square metres of high efficiency rooftop PV cells"

     At the same time, from an unrelated quarter, there is a move to "brand" solar energy, called the Solar Century - it's an effort to raise the visibility of solar projects undertaken out of concern for the world's environment and other ethical reasons. There is an article at the beginning of "Conscious Living" Issue 44. For further info about Solar Century, email

     Update 15th June '98 - Have a look at my Pins page for pictues of the two most recent Olympic Club pins and another Sydney 2000 pin you can get 'round these parts. (More as I buy them)

     Update 22nd April '98 - Check out my Access News page for the latest on Sydney 2000 / C.A.T. watch / smartcard developments.

    This page currently has information about Swatch's first Sydney 2000 special watch, but this watch is more than it appears, it's also a Smartcard, an electronic ticket (read below). Therefore, this page will expand to cover some of the more exotic technologies planned for use in or related to the Sydney 2000 Olympics (and the next one, and the next one, etc). I've put together a page on pins and I got pictures of the Olympic Pins I own so far..
    If you've come through the Olympic Webring, Welcome! Go to my Swatch Access menu page for more info on the Swatch Access.

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Just quickly, I still have one spare of these watches for trade if you're interested, and I can probably get more for a month or so (thru to June-ish).

    The following was previously available in my News Page;

Quote from the Swatch Page;
"Glorious Runner", the first Olympic Swatch in Sidney 2000. At the occasion of the launch, Daley Thompson announced Nicole Hackett as a new Swatch Proteam Member.

In the run-up to the Sidney 2000 Games here is the list of accessible events/locations with "Glorious Runner":

(promotions valid until June 30, 98)

New events will be steadily added as we approach the games in the year 2000.

Quote from the Sydney 2000 Page (12 March 1998);

Swatch, 'Official Timekeeper of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games', today launched its first Sydney 2000 watch.

The SMH/Swatch Group, internationally renowned for its Swiss precision timing brands, will undertake the electronic timing, scoring and scoreboard systems and services for the Olympic Games.

Swatch is also a Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (SOCOG) licensee and today's introduction of the Swatch 'Glorious Runner' is the first in its range of official Sydney 2000 watches.

Through its special 'Swatch Access' technology, the watch will enable consumers to gain a single offer of a 10 per cent discount at The Olympic Store in the AMP Tower Centre and will also give wearers one free visit to the Tower.

"SOCOG is privileged to have one of the world's most innovative timekeepers making sure we're on time," said John Moore, SOCOG's Group General Manager, Marketing and Image.

"Swatch is one of the Partners meeting our technology and communications commitments to the Games. Accuracy and timing are obviously crucial so we are pleased to be working with Swatch as the Official Timekeeper and Scorer and also as a Licensee. SOCOG congratulates Swatch on its launch of the 'Glorious Runner' watch."

The watch will retail for $75 and the value-added offer using the Access technology is valid until the end of June this year.

The Olympic Games timing is delivered by an 'integrated sports system' which links timekeeping, scoreboard display and data handling. Swatch plays a key role by managing timekeeping and scoreboard display components within this system. All data is displayed on Swatch scoreboards.

Swatch has been involved with the Olympic Games since 1932 when a member of the SMH/Swatch Group became the first private company to act as the Official Timekeeper for the Games.

Also available, a letter to Swatch partners about the Glorious Runner.