Swatch Access : Juvecentus


Swatch Access «Ora et Signora»

    I finally broke down and bought the Juvecentus watch from a local store. I'd seen it in there a few times and this weekend I weakened.

    See also the italian soccer club Juventus Turin's Homepage as it celebrates its 100th anniversary

    I OCR'ed the info slip that came with the watch. Here's the English version;

Swatch Access «Ora et Signora» is an exclusive model for enthusiasts and collectors, made to celebrate Juventus' centenary year.

Access is the new technology created by Swatch which, by means of a microchip, enables the value of the ticket to be loaded into the watch, thus giving speedy access to events, shows and matches simply by pointing the watch at a special reader device placed at the entrance.

With Swatch Access you can enjoy the most exciting moments of the various celebrations:

«Festa dei Tifosi»
(Festival of the Fans),
Alps Stadium, 23rd July 1997.

«Coppa del Centenario»
(Centenary Cup),
Republic of San Marino
Trophy, Cesena, 3rd August 1997.

«Serata delle Stelle»,
(Evening with the Stars),
Turin, 31st October 1997.

«Mostra del Centenario»
(Centenary Exhibition),
Turin, 31st October 1997 - 18th January 1998.

    I only had to make a couple of corrections, I was really impressed with the OCR package...