Kiruna Swatch The Club Event Xmas 2000

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The Kiruna Swatch The Club Event Xmas 2000 took place in Jukkasjärvi

near Kiruna in northern Sweden (actually Lapland) from 16 to 18-DEC. About 50 collectors from all over the world participated.

Before the event, some club members (myself included) met in Stockholm to visit this beautiful city.  Everyone finally met in the early afternoon of 16-DEC at Stockholm airport to fly to Kiruna.  When we arrived in Kiruna at around 4PM, it was already dark:

As Kiruna is north of the arctic circle and our visit was close to 22-DEC, the longest night of the year, I thought that we would not see any sunlight for the next days.  It turned out that indeed we did not see the sun but it was alight from around 9AM to 1PM every day.
In the entrance hall of the airport, we got a preview of the wild life that we wanted to see during the next days:

June and her new friend :-)

Outside of the entrance hall, some friendly huskies and their boss were waiting for us:

Next, we went to a huge hangar where we received our equipment for the next days.

The fur sweaters that we received are really exceptional and a great idea.  Everybody loved them!

We also received (borrowed) thermal overalls, hats, and boots that we really needed during the next days as temperature sometimes dropped to -25 degrees Celsius.  Next, two buses drove us to the (beautiful) wilderness to a few small cabins.

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