Some Impressions from the Luzern Access To Space event

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During the first weekend of October 1996, the Access To Space event took place in Luzern, Switzerland. Most of it happened in the Verkehrshaus (transport museum) which was decorated accordingly (see picture above). In order to celebrate this event, Swatch manufactured 1100 Access To Space Access Swatches. 100 of the Access To Space Access Swatches were taken into space onboard of the American Space Shuttle flight STS-75.

Later during the day, an interview with the Italian astronaut M. Cheli (left) took place. M.Cheli was interviewed by the Swiss TV science journalist B. Stannek.

Yes, I know: The picture is bad.

After the interview, M. Cheli signed Access To Space Swatches (only on Saturday). Finally, a lottery took place where three prizes were given away.


3 winners on the left.

On Sunday, a nice boat trip on the Vierwaldstaetter See took place. Very nice landscape, although the weather was not so good as on friday before where we (privately) took the rack-railway to the Pilatus (~2100 m), great view on the lake. I enjoyed the event very much. This may have to do with the fact that we currently own one of the six prizes of the lottery :-)

Andreas Wiethoff