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"As we mentioned in the last Newsletter, Swatch will be official timekeeper for the Commonwealth Games which will be held in the fall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But the brand will also be present in the form of a new Swatch Access - Menang - which means 'victory' in Malay. All spectators and athletes wearing a Menang will be able to take part in the opening and closing ceremonies. They'lI have access to the VIP areas, the athletes' village, etc. And what's more, the Photobox system will be utilised for the first time in conjunction with a Swatch Access. This means that when you show your Menang to the reader it will register your photo. And furthermore, thanks to the new 'data management' system it will now be possible to record all the movements and utilisations of your Swatch Access. The Menang will be available in Malaysia from April and on sale a month later all over the world. Without the ski-pass function."

-- From the April '98 Swatch Watch News

The following is from CAT's letter to shareholders from around the beginning of April '98

Swatch Relationship Developments
Your Company's relationship with Swatch is developing with revenues now being generated from the launch of the first Olympic Swatch watch that includes the C.A.T. System. Your Company receives a commission on every watch sold.
The watch, called Glorious Runner, is the first demonstration of the benefits that C.A.T. can derive from the arrangements between Swatch and C.A.T. announced in August last year. Glorious Runner is the first official Sydney 2000 Olympic Games watch launched by Swatch (a Team Millennium Olympic Sponsor) and will be the vanguard product for Swatch Olympic marketing. The watch is now available in stores throughout Australia and is expected to become a highly sought after Olympic and Swatch collectors item.
The watch depicts the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games insignia and logo and uses the C.A.T. System multi-application smartcard technology, The watch contains a computer chip, which communicates with a range of terminals and readers via a radio antenna. The watch can store data and can be used to replace access keys and cards and provide incentives and loyalty rewards to users. Initially Glorious Runner will provide users a range of benefits including a 10% discount on goods purchased at the flagship Olympic store in Centrepoint in Sydney.
C.A.T. and Swatch are working together on a number of projects around the world. Among these has been the Commonwealth Games project in Malaysia, however C.A.T. has withdrawn from this project following severe reductions in the Games budget (and the budget for this project) announced by the Malaysian government due to that country's current financial situation. C.A.T. decided to concentrate on the more immediate and far larger Olympics project in preference to a potentially loss making Commonwealth Games project.
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23Mar1998 AUSTRALIA: Smartcard company saves technology for Olympics.

Original Article By Grant Butler.
The Malaysian Government has cut the budget by $A30 million for the Commonwealth Games to be held in Kuala Lumpur in September 1998, causing listed smart-card company Chip Application Technologies (CAT) to shelve plans to provide technology for the games. CAT has decided to focus on the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and has already signed a deal with the Swatch watch company, Olympic timing partner, and has provided the technology that is already in use in its Olympic watches. The watches do not only just tell the time, but contain a chip that will act as a ticket to events and even store cash electronically.

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