Swatch Access : Salzburg


Swatch Access «Salzburg»

    This is the first Swatch Access watch I bought. It's been designed for, I guess, a trial of smartcard technology in Salzburg.

    I will now see how far I can get through reproducing some of the fine text on and in the box before I get bored, or have to do some real work :).

    How does it work
Enjoy the freedom of one of Europe's most attractive cities by using the «Salzburg» Swatch Access. You can get around Salzburg without cash by pre-booking the «all inclusive» tourist package and charging the services against your Swatch Access. Simply pass the watch close to a check point and walk on. A wide selection of hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, places of interest, concerts, the Casino and the public transport system are open to your. Swatch Access can be loaded at the appointed hotels, at the Swatch Store in Salzburg and at Salzburg Information Office.

    What to see in Salzburg
It goes on to say that you can visit a whole bunch of stuff that you can actually read from the largest image (152k above)...

    One of the most interesting things is, in the list pictured directly above , under the "Evening entertainment" section it says; "A welcoming chip for the Casino Salzburg at Klessheim Palace is already booked onto the new Swatch Access."

    This watch is in one of the 1997 cattledogs, (fall/winter?), and can be purchased from Swatch stores world-wide, I got mine at a local watch/jewelers store. They didn't really understand what it was, but they still sold it.