Swatch Access : Standards

Swatch Access Standards

Swatch Access «Double Loop»

    This is the first "standard" (non-limited, non-special) Access Swatch I've bought. It's also the first watch I can remember owning with a Velcro strap. It looks so stylish! (Picture nicked from Swatch site to save me scratching the watch face on the scanner glass.)

Swatch Access «Comin' Thru»

    I picked this one up on the same day as Double Loop, different shop though. How come when a shop has a sale, the stuff you want is never marked down? (Pictures nicked - see above.)

Swatch Access «Direction»

    And the third watch I bought on this same day was this one. When looking through the Swatch cattledog, you should be aware that transparent sections on a swatch are mis-represented as white. This watch has no white. It looks like a strap has to be completely coated in white then printed on if swatch want even a small white section on their watches... (just a working theory.) This time the image is scanned from the Fall/Winter cattledog.

Swatch Access «Drop Out»

    After ordering Avaton & Palmer, I said to a local watch dealer; "And if you just happen to be able to get «Drop Out», I'd be most grateful." Well, it arrived first. From the first cattledog of '97.

Swatch Access «Prospektor»

    Currently the only flexible metal Swatch Access. I wasn't sure I liked this, or that it would go with anything I normally wear, but the band is almost the same sort of colour as my glasses, and I'm always wearing blue jeans. From the "How long is a Swatch minute?" cattledog. Picture nicked from swatch site.

Swatch Access «Palmer»

    It's arrived. It's a Scuba 200 - It's 200m water resistant. It has a rotating bezel, but instead of numbers, it says "Snow Boarder". It's a solid little watch, with a lot of strap. If you only buy one Access, get this one. It is a little more expansive than the standard price, it cost me AU$100 (instead of AU$75). It has something to do with "SHAUN PALMER swatch proteam member". Picture grabbed from Swatch Access online cattledog.

Swatch Access «Magic Show»

    I decided that I didn't have enough swatches to go with summer colours, particularly white, so I broke down and bought a "dull" totally (well, almost) transparent Swatch Access (that's right, ignore the picture, it's clear - not white). This one is SKK106, the third standard all-clear swatch access on which most specials are based. I was joking to someone that instead of a swatch-shaped tan line 'round your wrist, you get a workings-shaped tan line...
I'll be picking up the other two base models whenever I spot them. (I forget where I nicked this picture from.)

Swatch Access «Clearance»

    Imagine the watch above with a blue ring, instead of a red one. Riveting isn't it...