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    This watch surprised me when I wandered down to Freo,to pickup a CD I'd ordered (which turned out to be the wrong one, but that's another story). So y'all get to see it on my site a week before I thought you would...

    This watch appears to be one of the City Map series. The sicker on the box that says "City Map" pretty much gives that away. Another sticker on the box says "The Access function is exclusive for use in Australia only" - however exclusive it is for something to be limited to a country the saize of Australia, though truth be told, there's not much in W.A. you can do with an Access watch.

    Anyway, details! It looks like this watch gets released in Australia first, then I heard it gets a global release in either Sept '98 or some time in 1999. Chances are that the global release will not be an Access. The watch is an Access 2, and there aren't many places for them - so far I've only seen four Access 2 models, and three of them have been Australian, the other is an Australian developed one for the Commonwealth games. So, if you'd like to trade for this one, I should be able to get quite a few.

        I've also created some Surf City wallpaper for 640x480 screen. (See thumbnail on the left.) Internet Explorer users can click on the link then right-click on the image and choose "Set as Wallpaper".