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GK100SP Original Jelly Fish
SFK100 Jelly Skin
GZ115 Golden Jelly
SFK101 Golden Jelly Skin

Since the beginning of watchmaking, discovering the inner parts of a watch has been one of the most fascinating attractions for one to observe.

A watch is a magic world of its own, a miracle of technology and miniaturization; an ever moving body that is closely related to that of the wearer.

When Swatch introduced its revolutionary concept of a 51 parts technological marvel, it was with pride that the transparent version was presented. Named Original Jelly Fish after the ever moving, magic and tempting underwater creatures, it reveals all of its inner secrets while sucking you in with admiration.

Swatch and its Original Jelly Fish started a huge trend. Many of today's leading Brands admit they were inspired by Swatch and the idea and use of introducing transparency as a design element. Swatch pushed forward the idea of lightness and technology as two elements that can live together in full harmony. Consumer goods in general have implemented this approach. And whenever possible, Swatch includes a Jelly version in its varying collections.

With Swatch, one never has to worry: If it's a Swatch, it's going to be taking care of itself, pacing one's time and becoming a part of one's life.

Starting bid USD 3,500
Final bid USD 6,000

The actual watches in the auction:

This does not look like an original 1983 Jelly Fish to me!  Looks like a reissue from the late 80s!