Vivienne Westwood

PWZ105       Orb
Silk and Lace Corset, from
Vivienne Westwood Collection
Leather Shoes, from
Vivienne Westwood Collection

Out of the many fashion designers that marked the Twentieth Century's transformation of men and women into icons of style and messengers of a philosophy and a way of approaching life, the British Vivienne Westwood is undoubtedly one if not the most provocative, innovative, fun and progressive.

Her 30 years career has been launching and establishing new languages- from punk to preppy and always in advance of established runways, thanks to her use and combination of unexpected materials, untraditional shapes, wild accessories.

The 1993 Swatch Special ORB is a symbol of royalty with its use of velvet and stones, the magic enhanced with its symbolic packaging. It all conspires to make this a unique statement and an absolute object of desire, still at the top of Swatch and Westwood lovers' wish list. Orb marked the beginning of Westwood's amorous collaboration with Swatch.

Vivienne Westwood has contributed an amazing black and navy, silk and lace corset; one that will make every woman beam and every man dream… and a beautiful pair of unique navy blue leather platform shoes- the signature piece of every Vivienne Westwood collection.

Starting bid USD 2,500
Final bid USD 5,500