Gold and Platinum

Swatch 18K Gold Prototype
Swatch Platinum Prototype

From the very secret and private safe of Nicholas G. Hayek, Mr. SWATCH himself, and never before seen "in public," two extremely precious prototypes of the most successful plastic watch in the world… made of pure gold and platinum!

In order to test the concept of engineering and construction and to develop the best possible technical solution, the beginning of Swatch took place at a watchmaker's table. Therefore, these two perfectly working masterpieces of contemporary watchmaking represent the ideal bridge between "the old and the new" way of looking at Switzerland's most renowned industry. They mark the immaterial point separating "time before Swatch" from "time after Swatch."

Starting bid USD 10,000
Final bid USD 25,000 (bidder from Zurich, it was Peter Blum for the famous Blum collection)

The actual watches in the auction:

Swatch 18K Gold Prototype and Swatch Platinum Prototype

The watches as shown in the Blum Collection catalogue (Blum collection auction in Hong Kong in 2011):