Nam June Paik

SLZ104   Zapping
Special packaging signed by the artist

The genius of the Korean artist Nam June Paik is world famous: his ability to use light and elements of everyday life, his focus and fascination with everything that says video and his way to translate these into installations or visual experiences, combined with his witty and unconventional personality, have made him one of the icons of contemporary art.

Zapping is Paik's interpretation of Swatch: The endless sequence of images, coming from a very modern language, the friendly and amusing TV sets addressing each other and the 70's looking remote control packaging are a pretty wild combination of contemporary, retro and fun languages. Paik composed the melody for Zapping: an even better way to feel the real unique experience.

This Art Special is particularly dear to Swatch's heart. The official presentation of Zapping took place in Nam June Paik's downtown New York City studio and also marked the official opening of

Starting bid USD 2,500
Final bid USD 5,000 

The actual watch in the auction: