Alfred Hofkunst

PWZ100 Gu(h)rke
PWZ101 Bonju(h)r
PWZ102 Verdu(h)ra

The lucky bidder of this set will have the unprecedented opportunity to co-host with Joan Rivers an intimate dinner for 12 people in the kitchen of God´s Love We Deliver Headquarters in SoHo, NYC.
Chef David Waltuck, of Chanterelle Restaurant, will execute an exclusive menu, while renowned society decorator Mario Buatta will create the table and room décor with the help of talented event planner and floral designer Jes Gordon.

Try to put together a German, a French and an Italian around a meal and make them all happy - definitely not an easy task!

With his irreverent style and approach, the Swiss artist Alfred Hofkunst was able to transform One More Time into a three course meal; thus also symbolizing the ideal situation of a confederation where three different cultures live and evolve: Gu(h)rke shows German´s love for a healthy food, even if a bit weird for the morning as cucumbers do not appeal to all at 8:00am; Verdu(h)ra is a tribute to the ability of Italians to add a little pepper to everything they do in life and even more to food; Bonju(h)r celebrates the French and their daring choice of absolute pleasure- who cares about cholesterol, in front of a good fried egg?

Some people still remember lines in the early morning hours of Spring 1991, from New York City´s Dean and Deluca to Zurich, Switzerland´s street market as these watches went on sale. They were presented in their plastic vacuum- sealed wrapping, set inside produce cases that were between the freshest market wares of the morning.

Starting bid USD 6,000
Final bid USD 11,000