Vendôme, fondée en 2000

SFK 114 P Plûme Savante
"The Step of Time" Hand blown glass and iron ladder by Giampaolo Seguso, 2000

June 29, 2000: Swatch peacefully invaded the Parisian temple of luxury with the opening of its Swatch Boutique, 16 Place Vendôme, a boutique "fondée en 2000."

For the occasion, ten international artists had been given a theme to develop: "Echelles du Luxe" using the guise of a ladder. Each ladder was a way to express a metaphor for freedom and access to luxury, particularly at this very noble address. Each was done in the most imaginative and provocative way. They were presented in Paris and their success later resulted in "Traveling Vendôme" where the ladders were showcased in elegant and unusual surroundings in Rome, Italy; New York City, New York; and Vienna, Austria as they accompanied an exclusive selection from the Swatch Boutique, Place Vendôme. In this way, Swatch invites their clientele to enjoy accessible and affordable luxury in extravagant surroundings.

Giampaolo Seguso, the contemporary representative of the 23rd generation of the 600 years old Seguso family, created the most spectacular piece—hand-blown glass sculpture. "The Step of Time" represents twelve moments of life and twelve emotions faced by every human being.

Among the many Swatch models at the Place Vendôme Boutique, the most sought after is Plûme Savante, with its endless variation possibilities in decoration. A unique selection of multicolored feathers is presented to complement every outfit and every mood.

Starting bid USD 8,000
Final bid USD 11,000 

The actual watches in the auction: