Arnaldo Pomodoro

YGZ101   Rotor
Original Steel Drift

When Swatch launched its Irony collection, stepping from plastic in to the world of steel and aluminum, the challenge to involve artists in a new way was approached with a daring project: involving Italian sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro and his oversize vision of art and metal in the somewhat light and playful world of Swatch seemed a titanic project.

Pomodoro's Rotor shows the contrary: the all-around-the-watch design concept and its three-dimensional treatment, the depth of details and the refinement of shades and light make this style - the one and only Irony Art Special ever produced - an absolute masterpiece. The value and beauty of it goes well beyond the watch with its special packaging, an artistically designed and signed metal box. This watch was limited to a production of only 700 pieces.

The presentation of Rotor was a highlight of 1997: an evening at the Guggenheim Museum (uptown, New York City) and one at the Peggy Guggenheim Foundation (Venice, Italy) where a gigantic reproduction of the watch bracelet, as tall as the New York Guggenheim itself, was installed and presented. In attendance were selected media, collectors and admirers of Pomodoro's work.

Starting bid USD 3,000
Final bid USD 5,500 

The actual watch in the auction: