UN 50

SCZ 103 UNlimited
6 hand painted canvas chair covers by YA-YA

1995 marked the 50th anniversary of the United Nations. Many events helped celebrate this institution. Definitely one of the most remarked about was the provocative proposal Swatch made to the UN to transform the General Assembly Room. It was welcomed and met with enthusiasm and curious anticipation.

The seats that have hosted all the main personalities of the second part of the century, from Popes to Presidents, were covered with hand-painted works of art- all of them realized by YA-YA (Young Aspirations - Young Artists). The unique style and personality of this Atlanta based group of art students visually and emotionally enriched the UN.

In conjunction with the chair-covering activity - which received worldwide media coverage and unlimited praise for its symbolic content - YA-YA also designed a Swatch. It immediately became a symbol of peace and commitment while worn at the wrist of United Nations representatives as well as those of thousands of people the world over.

Starting bid USD 4,000
Starting bid USD 5,000 

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