Kiki Picasso

Kiki Picasso 1985

One of the most significant architectural works of today is the defying project of Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano - "Beaubourg", located in Paris, France. This contemporary arts and culture center has so many elements in common with Swatch: its transparency, its insolent provocation, and its mission of reversing rules. This is one of the reasons why the launch of Swatch in France was hosted at the IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique) at Beaubourg.

"Kiki", conceived by French artist Kiki Picasso was produced for this occasion in only 120 pieces, each of them different from the others, thanks to a fun and surprising way of using the perforated dial in order to create a design that comes together only twice a day. The presentation of the very exclusive and unique concept immediately became a cult event.

The 120 color variations that made each style unique were presented to Parisian VIP's and celebrities and became the most sought after item of the entire Swatch Art Specials collection.

Starting bid USD 10,000
Final bid USD 20,000 

The actual watch and the artwork in the auction: