Mimmo Rotella

GZ132 Bengala
GZ133 Marilyn
Original Artwork

The Italian specialist of pop language and pop icons, Mimmo Rotella has been able to take one of the most significant street languages - poster advertising - and make it into an art form.

His method is to superimpose, glue, tear and thus create his unmistakably personal "decollages". They become giant size tributes to contemporary elements of communications and icons of popular culture. Rotella has established himself as a reference to such around the world.

Out of the many visual elements he used and reproduced in different ways, definitely the most famous has been Marilyn Monroe- the world symbol for sexy, seducing, sweet and daring beauty, thus Marilyn.

The tiger, Bengala, is the other- an icon for energy, powerful nature, and strength.
No wonder these were the two inspirations for Rotella´s Swatch adventure.

Starting bid USD 5,000
Final bid USD 7,000 (bidder from Milano) 

The actual artwork in the auction: