Olympic Legends

SEZ101 Said Aouita
PUZ100 Bob Beamon
PMZ104 Gelindo Bordin
GZ149 Sebastian Coe
LZ105 Nadia Comaneci
SDZ900 Dan Jansen
SAZ106 Edwin Moses
SBZ103 Mark Spitz
SCZ105 Daley Thompson
SLZ105 Katarina Witt
Original Photograph of SWATCH Olympic Legends, by Annie Leibovitz, NYC 1996

If Swatch had the freedom to design the ideal Olympic competition, these Ten Legends would all be part of it.

Continuing the Swatch Groupīs tradition of Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games (the flame having been in the hands of Omega and Longines since 1932), Swatch took over this responsibility during the Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta, 1996, and since then honored it in Sydney 2000 and is already working for Athens 2004.

Certainly, nobody would expect the Swatch Timekeeping experience to be like all the others: Swatch, thanks to its interactive, playful and time-related pavilion, was the luminescent golden baby of the Centennial Olympic Park. And Swatch launched several collections worldwide-whose design was inspired by some of the many aspects of the Olympic Games.

The most successful and story telling collection was the Olympic Legends: the athletes of this collection unveiled their thoughts, their little secrets and their stories, in order to see them represented in a Swatch. And during an unforgettable day in New York City, they gladly posed for a group photo by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Said Aouita from Morocco, the tiny man but a tremendous runner who defeated the giants in an unforgettable race; Bob Beamon whose 1968 long jump record was unbeaten for many years; the Italian Gelindo Bordin and his marathon shoes; the classy English gentleman Sebastian Coe who won both 1500m and 800m in 1980 and 1984; Nadia Comaneci, the young Romanian who moved the world to tears and cheers with her perfect 10 performance in 1976; Dan Jansen, who melted Americaīs hearts with his record speeds in skating and his family story; Ed Moses and his tremendous 400m hurdle triumphs in 1976 and 1984; Mark Spitz and his 7 gold medals; Daley Thompson, decathlon champion in both 1980 and 1984; and Katarina Witt, the Princess of Ice, with her glamorous and sparkly signature costumes.

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