Keith Haring

GZ103 Milles Pattes
GZ100 Modèle avec Personnages
GZ102 Serpent
GZ104 Blanc sur Noir
Silkscreen Print from Keith Haring Portfolio entitled "Icons"

Nowadays graffiti is a part of any urban environment. But way back in the early 1980's, there was a young man who, all by himself, started this entire movement and remains the unequaled master of this contemporary, innovative, provocative and emotionally strong art expression: Keith Haring.

His New York City Subway works became a cult item overnight and his works in the most unexpected open-air locations in Manhattan became a destination for tourists as well as for locals. His characters were unmistakably unique; his bright and bold colors could not go unnoticed. The strength of his messages was merged with the apparent innocence of his style.

Keith Haring soon became one of the most significant people on the New York art scene. When he most unfortunately passed away, killed by AIDS, in 1990, the entire world sincerely mourned him.

Swatch is proud to have been able to celebrate Keith's talent in his early years, by asking him to express his graffiti art in the "limited in size but unlimited in communication" power of a Swatch.

The four styles by Keith Haring have been the first and perfect demonstration of Swatch's ability to bring "art to the wrist" of everyone.

Starting bid USD 8,000
Final bid USD 12,000 

The actual watches and the artwork in the auction:

Silkscreen Print from Keith Haring Portfolio entitled "Icons"