Lindsay Kemp

GK207 Flowers
"Tribute to Fellini," felt pen and watercolor on cardboard, 1991

Having in mind the provocative, sweet and dreamy moments that a Lindsay Kemp performance brings to life, it was a natural move for Swatch to ask this master of dance and mime to design a style that integrates both Kemp's and Swatch's vision of time. An ironic, somehow provocative and always intriguing statement; a way of being that goes well beyond appearance and that invites one to uncover, unveil, observe and enjoy.

One of the most renowned Lindsay Kemp fantasies - sailors - dance with time on Flowers (named after one of Kemp's most successful shows).

Starting bid USD 2,500
Final bid USD 5,000 

The actual artwork in the auction:

"Tribute to Fellini" by Lindsey Kemp, felt pen and watercolor on cardboard, 1991