The Cinemaset in Tin Can Collection

GZ142 Despiste
GZ143 Time to Reflect
GZ141 Eiga-Shi
DVD with 3 original videos

1995: The world celebrates the 100th year of one of the inventions that changed modern man's life- cinema. Movement is the element that watches and movies definitely have in common and Swatch asked three absolute masters of the world of film, with three very different styles and personalities, to express their own vision of time. Pedro Almodovar, Spain; Robert Altman, USA; and Akira Kurosawa, Japan, created these unique and fascinating styles. Each one is different and tells its own story and interpretation of time.

Pedro Almodovar's Despiste is a celebration of the Spanish director's sense of life: as in his movies, bright colors and wild shapes, innovative materials and funky, definitely not discreet looks.

Robert Altman's Time to Reflect expresses the need of the director to find a moment of peace between the kaleidoscopic caravan of characters he describes and brings to life in his masterpiece movies.

Akira Kurosawa's Eiga-Shi is an open eye over the subtle limit between reality and dreams: a legend in the history of cinema whose intense and dreamlike images have the power to transport us in a world of fantasy and to push our imagination beyond unimagined boundaries.

A unique DVD cinematic experience showing three sixty seconds films of each auteur creating his individual Swatch.

Starting bid USD 3,000
Final bid USD 7,000 

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