Blow Your Time Away

Puff 1 Black Puff (GZ002)
Puff 2 Havana Puff (GZ003)
Puff 3 Royal Puff (GZ004)
Puff 4 Petrol Puff (GZ005)
Puff 5 Cardinal Puff (GZ006
Puff 6 Desert Puff (GZ007)

Very early in its history of fun and provocation, Swatch approached wild experimentation.

Mixing materials, nowadays a popular practice in fashion and design, was already pushed to a aximum degree in 1983, with this series of six colored "puffs" dramatically set around the face of Puff. This surprising burst of fur draws attention as it attracts everyone's attention.

Only by "blowing" either gently or energetically - depending on the passion of the moment - one can read time: an ironic, fun, unforgettable moment that makes one smile and a precious experience at any time of the day or night.

It's a way to express freedom of thoughts, sense of humor, and daring provocation.

For the first time all six models are offered as a set.

Starting bid USD 90,000
Final bid USD 105,000 (telephone bidder from Japan) 

The actual watches in the auction: