Olympic Medals

YGZ 102 Gold
YGZ 103 Silver
YGZ 104 Bronze
1996 Olympic Torch

When athletes from all over the world convened in Atlanta in 1996, to compete in the Centennial Olympic Games, they did not know that between the many emotions they were going to experience, one was coming from the Official Timekeeper. Besides guaranteeing utmost precision and innovative technology and support to the Games, Swatch confirmed its commitment to positive provocation by creating a Gold, Silver and Bronze series of Irony watches.

Every athlete who made it to the podium carried home a ticking memory of his or her unbelievable moment.

The Irony Victory Set, three Swatch Olympic Medals, are presented in an exclusive numbered leather case.

This set is presented together with the Olympic Torch, donated by Mr. Nicolas G. Hayek who had received it as a memory of his participation in the Olympic Torch Relay, on July 17, 1996.

Starting bid USD 6,000
Final bid USD 21,000 

The actual watches and the Olympic Torch in the auction:

1996 Olympic Torch