Swatch Wristory Auction NYC 

  1. Before the auction:  Here are the most interesting pages from the official press release: page 1 / page 2 / page 3 / page 4 / page 5.
  2. Day of the auction:  On 3-DEC, Swatch hosted a reception and auction at the prestigous auction house Sotheby's in New York City.  The proceeds benefit Gods Love We Deliver, a social service agency that delivers daily meals to home-bound patients with AIDS.  Very rare and impossible to find swatches were auctioned, see below for a complete list with many photos.   In addition to New York, it was also possible to watch the auction (and to bid of course!) from Zurich, Berlin, and Milano.  Each participant received a wonderful auction catalogue, a special wooden chair(!), and a special access swatch Invitation To Wristory (SKK103WR) in a special packaging that also contained the bidding paddle.  A great event, a nice special.
  3. Here is a small report by Russ Bauer directly from New York:   "Several celebrities were in attendance: Donald Trump, Blaine Trump, Matthew Modine (actor), Heidi Klum, Star Jones (television show host), Marco (designer of Alien Baby), Isaac Mizrahi (fashion designer) and more glamour than one can imagine.  The evening's total was $400,000, with Nick Hayek Jr. doubling the amount raised to $800,000 for the beneficiary, God's Love We Deliver.  There were approximately 8 US and 14 European Club members in attendance.  The highest amount bid was from Japan, $105,000 for the Blow Your Time Away ("Puff") Set.  The Sam Francis set sold for $16,000 and the Sotheby's Diaphane One and auction gavel sold for $15,000.  All in all, it was a great event culminating in an exciting evening.  Without a doubt, though, the biggest winner was God's Love We Deliver!"

    Debbie Burghardt-Platt was a former director of special Swatch events for the US.  She adds:  "Heidi came as a courtesy, I also brought Aida Turturro from The Sopranos who I brought to a Swatch France event.  Donald Trump of course came because the event benefited Gods Love We Deliver which was Blaine Trumpís big NYC charity.  The funniest thing about this event was no matter how big the celeb they all broke down their chairs and took them home.  That was their gift. Had all the artwork on them."

    I went to Zurich to follow the auction.  At 9pm, we met in Zurich in the restaurant Movie near the Zurich swatch store.  About 50(!) club members were participated.  We had an excellent dinner.  At about midnight, we went to the swatch store were TV and chairs were already prepared.  At about 1am, live TV (and audio) coverage began.  First, the camera walked across the exhibition of the auction lots.  The exhibition was phantastic with very nice acrylic displays (they were included in the lots!).  It was almost like being there...  almost...  At about 1.30am, the auction began.  First Nick Hayek jr. spoke some introductory words.  He greeted also the European participants.  Then Heidi Klum stopped by and also spoke some words in German, very nice!   The auction was great, the auctioneer was really entertaining.   We had most excitement when one bidder from Zurich (famous for his great collection!) bought the lot with the gold and platinum prototype.  It was clear that he would have paid *any* price!

    The whole event was organized perfectly (both in Zurich and New York) and it went smoothly.  The best thing of course was all the money raised for a good cause.  Here are some of my (not too good) photos.  I think that Nikolai's pictures are better.

  4. Other reports about the event:
  5. Last but not least, here is a list of all lots with the results:

  6. Click on the images to enlarge!
    Click on the lot number or on the lot name for more information and pictures about each lot!  Check it out, it is worth it!
    Yes, the pictures and information have been copied from the Swatch website.  I just want to preserve this for the future because this auction is "Swatch history" indeed!
LOT Ref.No.  Lot Content  Name Min.Bid US$ High Bid US$
1 GK100 Original Jelly Fish Clear View
3,500 6,000
FK100 Jelly Skin
GZ115 Golden Jelly
SFK101 Golden Jelly Skin
2 YGZ101 Rotor Arnaldo Pomodoro
3,000 5,500
  Original Steel Drift
3 SEZ101 Said Aouita Olympic Legends

5,000 7,000
PUZ100 Bob Beamon
PMZ104 Gelindo Bordin
GZ149 Sebastian Coe
LZ105 Nadia Comaneci
SDZ900 Dan Jansen
SAZ106 Edwin Moses
SBZ103 Mark Spitz
SCZ105 Daley Thompson
SLZ105 Katarina Witt
  Original Photograph of Swatch Olympic Legends by Annie Leibovitz, NYC 1996
4 GZ154 Smart watch Be Smart
8,000 17,000
  Smart car (Hayek private family car)
5 GZ103 Milles Pattes Keith Haring
8,000 12,000
GZ100 Modele avec Personnages
GZ102 Serpent
GZ104 Blanc sur Noir
  Silkscreen Print from Keith Haring Portfolio entitled "Icons"
6 GK207 Flowers Lindsay Kemp
2,500 5,000
  "Tribute to Fellini", felt pen and watercolor on cardboard, 1991
7 GZ142 Despiste The Cinemaset in Tin Can Collection
3,000 7,000
GZ143 Time to Reflect
GZ141 Elga-shi
  DVD with 3 original videos
8 Puff 1 Black Puff Blow Your Time Away
90,000 105,000
Puff 2 Havana Puff
Puff 3 Royal Puff
Puff 4 Petrol Puff
Puff 5 Cardinal Puff
Puff 6 Desert Puff
9 YGZ102 Gold Olympic Medals
6,000 21,000
YGZ103 Silver
YGZ104 Bronze
  1996 Olympic Torch
10 GZ123 Sam Francis Sam Francis
4,000 16,000

(bought by Rainer Haas for the Haas collection)
  Original painting, Oil on Paper, 1992
11 SKZ100 Access to Space Space Set
2,500 8,000
SQZ101 Beatnik Mission Watch
  Beatnik Satellite, 1999
12 GR114 Fritto Misto A cooking experience

5,000 7,000
GG121 Cappuccino
GG138 Blue Pasta
GM13 Sunny Side Up
GN156 Good Morning
GZ128 Eggsdream
PWK181 Langoustine
GF112 Hors d'oeuvre
  3-dimensional installation, 2001 together with the gift of giving, The Winter Holiday Celebration
13 PWZ105 Orb Vivienne Westwood
2,500 5,500
  Silk and Lace Corset, from Vivienne Westwood Collection
  Leather Shoes, from Vivienne Westwood Collection
14 James Bond Complete set of 20 Watches James Bond Fantasy Weekend in London James Bond 8,000 23,000
15 Gold Swatch 18K Gold Prototype Gold and Platinum
10,000 25,000

(bought by Peter Blum for the Blum collection)
Platinum Swatch Platinum Prototype
16 SLZ104 Zapping Nam Jun Paik
2,500 5,000
  Packaging signed by artist
17 GZ116 Hollywood Dream Hollywood Dream & Diva
3,500 6,000
PWBB106 Diva
  Unique Box covered in Swarovski Crystals
18 PWZ100 Gu(h)rke Alfred Hofkunst
6,000 11,000
PWZ101 Bonju(h)r
PWZ102 Verdu(h)ra
19 SFK114P Plume Savante VendŰme, fondeť en 2000
8,000 11,000
  "The Step of Time" Hand blown glass and iron ladder by Giampaolo Seguso, 2000
20 SCZ103 UNlimited UN 50
4,000 5,000
  6 hand painted canvas chair covers by YA-YA
21 Kiki Picasso Kiki Picasso 1985 Kiki Picasso
10,000 20,000
22 GK100AL Andrew Logan Jellyfish Andrew Logan
10,000 10,000
23 GZ132 Bengala Mimmo Rotella
5,000 7,000
GZ133 Marilyn
24 My Swatch My Swatch My Swatch Priceless 40,000
25 Diaphane One Diaphane One - Sotheby's Special Edition "SOLD!"
10,000 15,000
  Specially designed auction gavel

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