Swatch Pre-Launch Club Watch 2014 London

London, UK, 27-MAR-2014

On 27-MAR, the eight city Pre-Launch Tour for the White Loop Club Special 2014 stopped in London at the Hoxton Gallery.  The Swatch Club x Dazed launch party was held in cooperation with Dazed magazine.

On the ceiling of the Gallery, an very "Swatchy" installation by artist Gary Card was shown (see above).  He writes: "I made this installation for the dazed/swatch party last night. 30 hand painted interpretations of swatches most iconic watches all woven together to make a sort of gigantic swatch nest."  Previously, Gary Card had designed four Swatch Gent watches in 2010:  1. Straight Drops (GB242); 2. Set Square (GB243); 3. Multi-Bi (GR151); 4. Radio Button (GR153).

Steve Webb sent me a few additional pictures from the launch party.  He writes:  "
The evening was relaxed and most regulars turned up so lots of chatting to different people.  Drinks and food were very good, free flowing and plentiful.  Live bands were excellent but then the DJ's started at about 23.00:  Volume 11, BOOM BOOM. Time to go...  The installation is by Gary Card.  All in all a very enjoyable evening!"

Andreas Wiethoff, 22-MAR-2014.

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