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Munich, Germany, 19-JUL-2014

From 18 to 20-JUL, the new action sports festival Munich Mash (Munich Action Sports Heroes) took place at the famous Olympiapark in Munich.  Munich Mash comprises three events:
Swatch Club Germany held an event on 19 and 20-JUL so that the participating 55 club members were able to see all three Munich Mash events.  Due to other commitments, I could only participate on saturday, so you will find only X-Fighters pictures below...

It was a really hot and sunny summer day in Munich (one of the very few hot days of the summer 2014).  Arriving with the U-Bahn at Petuelring already showed the right way to the Olympiapark.

During the walk from the U-Bahn to the Olympiapark, I passed the BMW World (and museum) with a beautiful sight of the BMW Headquarters (in German: "BMW-Vierzylinder" / "BMW four-cylinder").

After a 10 minute walk, I finally arrived at the event area in the Olympiapark. Very impressive:  The Olympiaturm (Olympic Tower).

Nearby the Olympic Stadium:  The Swatch Truck with a "rolling" Swatch Store.

1st Place tropy for Swatch Prime Line contest

I arrived just in time (a bit too late) for the autograph session with Swatch Proteam member Sam Pilgrim and other riders of the Swatch Prime Line contest. 

So I quickly picked up the Swatch Prime Line event special:  A Scuba Libre Swatch Prime Line (SUUJ101D-1), packaged in a nice paper sleeve which is numbered to 222 pcs):

After the hard work (hunting for autographs and purchasing the special), it was time to say "Hello" to many familiar faces.

Later we had a little time to relax in the blistering sun shade (it was sooo hot).

Later in the afternoon, it was time to walk to the lake near the Olympic stadium.  This time, the track for Red Bull X-Fighters was very special.  It was constructed on the lake!

The event started with a few spectacular skydivers... of them even carried the German flag!

Afterwards, all drivers who qualified for the final were presented and drove an introductory round across the lake.

Below are a few pictures from the event.  I won't go into detail about each and every driver, if you want to watch the final again, you can do it here:

Unfortunately, Tom Pag├Ęs had a minor accident during one of his jumps but he was not injured nor did he fall into the water.  This helped the local German rider Luc Ackermann to advance to the semi finals!

Some music before the big final!

Finally, we had a winner:  Josh Sheehan from Australia won the final against Taka Higashino (Japan).  Luc Ackermann finished in fourth position.

Time to go swimming (deliberately!)

After the Red Bull X-Fighters event, we walked over for dinner to the Olympiaturm (Olympic Tower).  We passed the track of the Swatch Prime Line (mountain bike dirt jump) event which took place the next day (on sunday, 20-JUL).

At the wonderful Restaurant 181, located 181 meters above the city in the Olympiaturm, we had a breathtaking view.  It is a revolving restaurant, each turn takes about 50 minutes.

Spectacular sunset

Munich city center

Claude says "Goodbye"

Here is an overview of all the items that the collectors received during the event.

Thanks to Britta, Sandra and all the others from Swatch Club Germany for a great event!

Andreas Wiethoff, 14-SEP-2014

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