Xmas Event New York 2009

part 3: Swatch The Club Xmas party with a few surprise guests

In the evening (the last one already! :-(, it was time for the traditional Swatch The Club Xmas party.  This time, we were picked up in style at the hotel:  A stretch limousine was waiting for us...

We left the car the Swing 46 Jazz And Supper Club which had been rented exclusively for Swatch The Club for this night:

Many of the collectors had dressed up in style for the night!


a short dancing lesson for a few volunteers

Lydia and Holger

Antonio gave a very nice welcome speech!

And then it was time to honor the winners of the liquor smuggling game of the day before at the Old Town Bar.  The first prize was (you've guessed it) a big box with many small bottles of alcohol, very nice!

As a first surprise of the night, Billy The Artist was also invited to the party.  Most of us had already met him at the CreArt press conference in Venice.  He is the designer of two Swatches from the CreArt collection: Afterdark (GZ204) and Morning Glow (GZ205S).  Very very friendly, he was available for a short chat and/or autographs during the whole evening.  Unfortunately, the Swatch Store at Times Square was completely sold out of all Billy The Artist swatches since many days...

Matthew Langille (artist and designer of the CreArt Swatches Snuggle Bunch (GS136),  Floating Away (GS137), Germaholic (GW149)) was also invited to the party but he could not come to New York due to the bad weather :-(

Later, another surprise was announced:  The unveiling of the new Xmas special.  We were all waiting, restless...

And then Antonio announced the real surprise of the evening:  The new Xmas special was presented by the president of Swatch!  Arlette Elsa-Emch and Klaus-Peter Mager (Vice President Communication) had come to New York to meet our group of collectors!

And here it is:  The Xmas special 2009 is a Chrono Plastic Swatch called Jingle Shine (SUIZ402S):

It is a numbered limited edition of 170 pcs.  The watch comes packaged in a nice golden bowl inside a black paper box with imprint "Swatch '09 Xmas Special Limited Edition". 

The watch (with a plastic fliplock strap) is numbered on the back of the watch, on the sticker, and on the golden bowl.

After the presentation, Arlette Elsa-Emch and Klaus-Peter Mager mingled with the collectors...

Does anyone recognize the three watches that Arlette Elsa-Emch is wearing?  Any special models?  Anyone has a better picture? :-)

Click here for the solution (scroll down!)

And then it was time to party!  Jazz Music, Dancing, Cocktails, Talking, Having Fun, ....

...And as the last surprise of the evening:  Markus' mini birthday cake at midnight!

At 1 am in the morning, the party came to a sudden end.  This was also the end of a remarkable Swatch The Club Xmas event 2009!

For me, it was a superb club event in one of the nicest (yes!) cities in the world.  New York is so much more "accessible" compared to my last visit 15 years ago...

Thanks to everyone from Swatch The Club who made this event possible!  I am sure that we all will never forget these great three days...

You can also browse more pictures and impressions from the event at www.swatch.stawi.de and at www.always-surprising.com.

Andreas Wiethoff, 28-DEC-2009

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