Scuba Libre Event Oberhausen

Oberhausen, Germany, 21-JUN-2013

Swatch The Club Germany had invited the German Club Members to a Scuba Libre Event and about 25 club members from all over Germany joined.  We met on a friday afternoon near the huge CentrO shopping mall in Oberhausen, at the Brauhaus Zeche Jacobi. The meeting location was easy to find as many stickers on the floor showed the direction.

Brauhaus Zeche Jacobi, the famous Gasometer (with a Christo installation at the moment!) in the background on the left

Lots of familiar faces arriving at about the same time

I think that I have seen that pose before

Britta and Sandra from Club Germany had prepared everything very nicely in advance, each one of us received a little bag with a form for a quiz (later) and some purchase rights.  And a drink and a little neck decoration etc.

Jörg and Britta held a small opening speech and said "Hello" to all of us.

Afterwards, a dinner plus some real drinks were served...

At about 7pm, we walked to Sea Life, just a short walk. No waiting time at all as Sea Life was reserved for us exclusively!

Outside, a small surprise was waiting for us:  Time for some funny photos with sea related decoration...

the bag fits very well to the watch!

And then, we finally entered Sea Life.  Our mission was to find and to identify the nine Scuba Libre watches hidden in a few of the water tanks.  A prize was waiting for one lucky winner who found all correct answers.

First one was easy!

The second one a bit more difficult!

Sea Anemone

Ah, the third one!

The fourth one above us, on the ceiling!

Besides searching for the watches, we also got some very detailed explanations about the different species in the tanks.  This was very informative and it was presented in a very funny way, really entertaining!

Mirror miracle!

Finding Nemo!

He's sleeping!

OK, this one is also not too hard!

Ready to come up:  Time to leave the lower ground

Then it was time for a surprise!  A real mermaid showed up in one of the larger fish tanks, taking up a watch from a treasure chest!

The last watch to be found!


Seeing the urn of the famous Krake Paul (Paul the Octopus) was also one of the highlights.  Paul filled the news during the soccer world cup 2010.

Then, we entered the restaurant area of Sea Life where a small Swatch shop had been set up.

There, we could buy the event special Scuba Libre Club Event Oberhausen (SUUK100C), limited to 100 pcs, unnumbered, in a nice special paper sleeve with a fish on top(!) and a special loop around the strap.

We could walk around the whole Sea Life area and also have a short trip with the glass-bottom boat.

a huge turtle

And, as the highlight of the evening, the winner was announced:  Werner!  He received a nice old Scuba watch from the 90s:  Pacific Beach!  Oh, what a joy!

We had a lot of fun during a perfectly organized event and we left in a great mood shortly before midnight! 

A big thank you to Swatch The Club Germany, especially Britta and Sandra, and all the others involved in the smooth organization.

Andreas Wiethoff, 25-JUN-2013.

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