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Club Watch Launch Event 2009

02-APR-2009, Paris, France

On 2-APR-2009, the new Club watch Street Club (SUJZ111) was launched during a Swatch The Club event in Paris with a street art exhibition and exclusive DJ party with the designer of the watch:  Urban Artist and HipHop musician GREMS.

Before we met in the early afternoon at the hotel, I made a short visit (my first one!) to the exclusive Vendôme store.  The interior of the store is still very nice but unfortunately, it no longer features only watches from the Vendôme collection but also normal ones.  In fact, there are only about 15 different Vendôme watches left at the store.  But at least, all the current (expensive!) models are available.

At 2pm, about 41 collectors from Europe met at the lobby at the very nice ****-hotel Pullman Paris Bercy.  On 1 and 2-APR, Metallica held two concerts at the nearby Palais Omnisports Bercy, so lots of people dressed in black T-shirts in the area...

Antonio and Sabina at the reception desk

At 3pm, the bus took us to the Bastille area of paris, and we had a short walk... the Lazy Dog art gallery and store where the exhibition and launch would take place.

The three watches by GREMS decorated in the shop window

The art exhibition features nine unique painted Maxi Swatches, all of them look really great.  I am sure that these Maxi Swatches (or a Maxi of the new Club Watch) would sell well but they were not for sale unfortunately.  They will be shown at different places in the world in the future.

easter egg hunting?

Skander (head of Swatch The Club Intl.) gave a short welcome speech and he introduced GREMS (on the right) to the collectors.

Afterwards, the unique special collector packaging (limited and numbered to 200 pcs!) was unveiled.  The box is violet instead of black and it has a different SUJZ111-1.

I just found a very interesting webpage showing the preparation and painting of the maxi swatches.

In the basement of the gallery, some artworks by GREMS were on display and these were also for sale.

cool!  I am not sure if this was sold...

In the next two hours, GREMS patiently took the time to sign, to paint, and to decorate his watches, the poster, and lots of other stuff.  He has very carefully designed the watches, the POS material, posters, wrist bands for the VIP parts, and many many other goodies necessary for launching and marketing his three Swatches.

Here is a nice video with a lots of impressions from the gallery:

It took a looooong time until the paint was dry...

...a very special artwork for Henk who was still on the road at that time!

Later in the afternoon, we went to the Swatch Megastore on the Champs-Elysées where a reception for the collectors was held and a few more pieces of the collectors packaging were available.

In the evening, we had a very good dinner at the Sans Sanz restaurant.  We were a littly hungry and the French take a loong time for the different courses, so that's maybe the reason why the excitement on the picture below is not at the highest level apparently...

Afterwards we went to the launch party at the La Scène Bastille club where a VIP room for the collectors was reserved.

Apparently, the music was not too exciting for everybody (including myself :-)

empty dancefloor (but it was more crowded later)

So we left the party at around midnight as the music (hard electronic beats) was not exactly our taste, unfortunately.  But overall, it was a great launch event, it was very interesting to get a sneak peek into the french artist scene!  Unfortunately, the event was much too short :-/

The next day, I had a little extra time in Paris for shopping and sight seeing and I discovered another artwork by GREMS at the entrance of a metro station:  A huge poster for the Paris Marathon which took place on 5-APR.

You can check out some more impressions from the event at and at

Andreas Wiethoff, 6-APR-2009.

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