Second Club Watch Launch Event Paris 2016

21-SEP-2016, Paris, France

The launch of the second Club watch 2016 took place on 21-SEP in Paris, France.  About 40 club members from Europe and the USA had subscribed for the launch event.

We met at noon at the Swatch Megastore on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.  It was great to meet again the familiar faces.

POP fun on TV!

Claude (head of Swatch The Club) registering the new arrivals

Half an hour later, Claude gave a short welcome speech and an overview of the activities of the launch day.

Time for a quick group photo

Afterwards, we walked to the restaurant where the lunch took place:  Le Boeuf sur le Toit

A very nice lunch, great food.  Highly recommended.

Afterwards, the bus took us across Paris through a long traffic jam to the first activity of the day...

...Weaving (is the new black).  The Weaving workshop was held at Istr (a Tapas-Bar restaurant) in the 3ème arrondissement.  A very nice place and the weaving activity quickly started (we had about 2.5 hours).  No detailed instructions were necessary (I think that my kids did this in pre-school :-)

Sascha is an excellent weaver

Fun at weaving....

...and a lot of concentration

...and Swatch is everywhere (on the arm, on the table, on the wrist, ...)

The final result does not look too shabby

...everybody needs a little help sometimes... (by Julie Robert, textile designer)

The launch event started at 6pm at the School Gallery nearby. 

The second club watch 2016 is designed by the Argentinian artists Leo Chiachio & Daniel Giannone (Chiaco & Gianonne).  They have been re-inventing the time-honored craft of embroidery since 2003. On 22-SEP (the day after the launch event), an exhibition of their artwork (Ouvrages des garçons : broderies à 4 mains) was opened.  We got to see a sneak preview of the exhibition and the launch of the second club watch was held there.

Their artworks are amazing.  Lots and lots of manual work (sometimes 6-9 months, 8 hours every day, two artists for one large artwork).  This one below is called Selba Blanca and the size is about 4,60 x 2,85 m!

Just check out the fantastic artworks below and have a look at the tiny details....

Leo Chiachio & Daniel Giannone

We had some spare time to have a closer look at the artworks and to talk to the artists.  And a glass of champaign of course....

At around 7.30pm, the second club special Piolin's Time (SUOZ240S) was officially unveiled. 

Piolin's Time (SUOZ240S)

60 pcs of the "ultra limited" version of the second club special (SUOZ240S-1) were sold (265 EURO).  We had enough time to get autographs and to take photos.  Chiachio & Giannone were very patient with the excited collectors :-)

Thank you, Chiachio & Giannone!

Photo by Swatch

Photo by Swatch

After the launch event, we had a very nice dinner at the ​Biondi restaurant in the 11e arrondissement.  A great way to finish a looong day.

It was a great and exciting day in Paris, thanks to Claude, Charles and everyone else from Swatch for the smooth organization.  A very short night with not so much sleep followed as I had to catch the 06.39am train to be at Frankfurt launch event on the next day.

More pictures from the day:  Here is the photo album by Chiaco & Gianonne themselves from the launch event and here is the report by

Andreas Wiethoff, 24-SEP-2016.

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