Swatch X Centre Pompidou Club Launch Interlaken

16-MAR-2022, Interlaken, Switzerland

On 16-MAR, the three SwatchXYou Centre Pompidou designs have been prelaunched during a Swiss Swatch Club event on 16-MAR in Interlaken, Switzerland. 

Christine Tanner sent me the following report & photos:

Swatch Club Switzerland invited Swiss Gold and Pioneer Members (by guessing the city on a pixelated picture) for the Swatch X Centre Pompidou launch in Interlaken. 18 Club Members arrived in Interlaken at 10am in the morning. Vanessa, Audrey and Frédéric from Swatch Club were present throughout the day and gave us a warm welcome.  First, we had to solve a rddle and find a specific spot in Interlaken where we received a few large letters.  Using these letters, we had to guess the next location of our event.  But first we went to the Swatch store in Interlaken. While we went shopping in the Swatch store, there was also a possibility to take a photo with one of four Centre Pompidou art works. For the first time we also saw the three new Swatch X Centre Pompidou Canvases, available worldwide on 24-MAR. Afterwards, we took a short walk to the Kulturgarage (a really nice event location) where we had apéro first.  For lunch, we entered in a special dining room with projections of the artworks on the table.  Really cool!  After 3pm, it was time to go home. There were no giveaways or event goodies in Interlaken besides an "I Was There" sticker….

Christine Tanner & Andreas Wiethoff, 18-MAR-2022

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