La Samaritaine Swatch Exhibition Paris, 22-SEP to 23-OCT-2004

Pictures and report by Philippe Danjean

From 22-SEP to 23-OCT-2004, a beautiful swatch exhibition took place in LA SAMARITAINE Paris.  Called ART to SWATCH, the purpose was to show Swatch Art watches during various parts of a 24 hours day. Done by french designer Pierre Marie COUTURIER, the various art boxes were very impressive.

To celebrate the exhibition, a special Art TURN OVER was available.

The TURN OVER special done by Pierre Marie COUTURIER was one of the available Turnover in the store with a special "plaquette" (a Turnover face) with the print of the ART TO SWATCH exhibition, not so many have been done during the event:

Furthermore, in 2003, a special event called WRISTORY was done in LA SAMARITAINE and a special box was produced.  Similar to the one WRISTORY Taiwan box, all the text is in french and was available along the sales of old Swatch watches in the department store:

Thanks to Philippe Danjean for the report and pictures.

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