Swatch SISTEM51 Launch

Cité Du Temps, Geneva, Switzerland, 15-DEC-2013

On sunday, 15-DEC-2013, the Gold & Pioneer members of Swatch The Club were invited to Geneva at the Cité Du Temps.  Finally, it was the time to launch the new and eagerly awaited SISTEM51 collection which had been presented to the public earlier in APR-2013 at Baselworld 2013.  Due to some unforeseen circumstances (problems during "ramp up" of the mass production), the launch had to be pushed back to calendar week 51(!) of 2013 and the sale of the SISTEM51 watches starts only in Switzerland in 2013.  The international launch will take place in 2014, probably Asia and USA first.

About 75 Gold & Pioneer members joined the event and together with friends and families, about 100 club members were present.

But it all began one day earlier, saturday evening at the Brasserie Lipp

Yummy sea food!

About 30 club members joined the "warm up" party dinner before the big launch day.  As the club members arrived from all over Europe (Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, USA(!), ...), it was a big "hello" for many hours. 

The German delegation (plus one UK 'guest' :-)

Nice painting on the ceiling :-)

On the same weekend, the traditional Fête de l'Escalade took place in Geneva as well.  L'Escalade is an annual festival held in December in Geneva, celebrating the defeat of the surprise attack by troops sent by Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy during the night of 11–12 December 1602.  So lots of Geneva inhabitants in medieval clothing all around the city, inclusive a surprise musical visit to our restaurant...









Nice chocolate for dessert!

Who took the last one?

We had to get up very early on sunday morning in order to be right on time at 09.51am for the launch.  In fact, we were told to be at the Cité Du Temps a bit earlier.  So we grabbed a quick coffee at the Starbucks Cafe nearby.

Busy times at the distribution of the event passes

Before the start of the event, a small lottery was held in order to find the collector who should have the honor to cut the red ribbon.  And the lucky winner of the lottery ticket with the number 51 was Holger from Germany.

So it was Holger's turn to cut the red ribbon and to start the launch event at exactly 09.51am.

Time for a relaxed second breakfast...

Later in the morning, Claude Bravi (head of Swatch The Club), gave an introductory speech.  The agenda for the day was as follows:  An introduction to the technical concept of SISTEM51 and the resulting design possibilities came first.  The sale of the watches was held later in groups of about 10 collectors.  In beetween:  Time for a quiz and a contest to invent a new SISTEM51 'tag line'/slogan.

And finally:  The great moment, the doors open to unveil SISTEM51.

Sistem Red (SUTR400)

Sistem Black (SUTB400)

Sistem White (SUTW400)

Sistem Blue (SUTS401)

After a first glance at the watches, it was time for a deeper technical introduction to the new SISTEM51 watches, both on video and with a presentation.

Parts of the presentation were held by Jean-Claude Eggen, Vice President Swatch & Quartzline / ETA and member of the Extended Group Management Board of Swatchgroup.

The Swatch stores will get a special iPad App in order to explain SISTEM51 to customers.  Unfortunately, this app will not be available to the general public.

Quiz time!

no spying!

The sale of the special SISTEM51 packaging containing all four SISTEM51 watches was held in the other large room on the first floor.  Each Gold & Pioneer member could buy one special packaging (151 pieces were made) and one single SISTEM51 watch.  Accompanying club members could buy only one single SISTEM51 watch.  So, it was really obvious that the production of SISTEM51 is not yet running at full steam.

Some free gifts:  gadgets and catalogues

Finally, everyone can touch and wear a SISTEM51

At the end, it was time to present the results of the quiz ("everyone got it right" :-) and the different SISTEM51 slogans.

To be honest:  I don't think that Swatch will use one of our 'tag lines' in their advertisements in the future.  Still room for improvement.

As we all were correct in answering the questions of the quiz, we received a "SISTEM51 Certified Expert" certificate, hand signed by Nick Hayek.  A great souvenir!

Oh yes, and it was Lydia's birthday!

Thanks to everyone at Swatch for a memorable launch event and a for great time to meet "all of us" again so soon after Vienna! 

More pictures from the launch event at, and on the official Swatch page.

Andreas Wiethoff, 30-DEC-2012.

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