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Swatch events in the past

Here is an overview of the reports about different Swatch events that I have attended (more than 80 :-) or at least written or published a small report about:

0 80s, 90s and 00s Debbie Burghardt-Platt Swatch stories
1 early 90s Luzern auctions
2 FEB-1992 Swatch Crash-Waggis at Basler Fasnacht
3 02+03/OCT-1993 Boston 'Once Upon A Time Storybook' launch
4 12-AUG-1995 C-Monsta Beach Party near Cologne, Germany
5 APR-1996 net.hunt, the first ever online game
6 05+06-OCT-1996 Luzern Access To Space event
7 20-23-AUG-1998 EXPO'98 Lisbon
8 08-11-APR-1999 Laax'99 Boarder X finals
9 25-27-JUN-1999 Jungfraujoch event
10 12-MAR-2000 Grenchen club swatch launch
11 25-MAY-2000 David LaChapelle signing
12 23-25-JUN-2000 Paris event
13 16-18-DEC-2000 Kiruna Xmas event
14 03-MAR-2001 ZEIT IST GELD exhibition opening
15 30-MAR to 01-APR-2001 Barcelona club swatch launch
16 07/08-JUN-2001 Biel Goldmember event 2001
17 08-10-JUN-2001 Munich club event
18 11-JUN-2001 Modane event (launch of skin chrono)
19 26-OCT-2001 German Halloween event 2001
20 03-DEC-2001 Wristory Swatch Auction New York
21 10-MAR-2002 James Bond Event Frankfurt 2002
22 17 to 18-JUN-2002 Gold & Pioneer Club Event Biel 2002
23 26 to 28-JUL-2002 James Bond Club Event London 2002
24 21-SEP-2002 Shaqtacular Event Santa Monica
25 23-SEP-2002 Tribute To Style Event Los Angeles
26 03 to 04-DEC-2002 Munich Xmas Gold and Pioneer Event
27 13 to 16-MAR-2003 World Museum Opening Milano
28 11-APR-2003 Travelling Kaleidoscope Event Munich
29 12-APR-2003 Melting Pop Event Siena
30 03-JUL-2003 Milano F/W 2003/04 collection launch
31 SEP-2003 Swatch Times Square Store New York City
32 18 to 21-SEP-2003 FIVB Beach Volleyball Event in Los Angeles
33 15-NOV-2003 Train Your Touch Offenbach Event
34 05+06-MAR-2004 Dada Zürich Event
35 06 to 09-MAY-2004 Brussels Gold & Pioneer / Tintin Event
36 16-JUN-2004 Cow Exhibition, Place Vendôme, Paris
37 19-JUL-2004 Saint Tropez Swatch Launch Event
38 AUG-2004 Ionic Center at Athens Olympic Games 2004
39 25 to 30-AUG-2004 Athens Olympic Games 2004 Event
40 22-SEP to 23-OCT-2004 La Samaritaine Swatch Exhibition Paris
41 19+20-OCT-2004 Paparazzi Launch Event, New York
42 25-NOV-2004 to 05-JAN-2005 Swiss Lighting Place Vendôme Paris
43 10 to 12-DEC-2004 St. Moritz Xmas Event
44 25-MAY-2005 Nobody's Perfect by Gaetano Pesce Paris
45 22 to 26-JUN-2005 Berlin Gold & Pioneer / Beachvolley Event
46 01 to 04-DEC-2005 Istanbul Xmas Event
47 09-DEC-2005 Paris Flashmob Event
48 31-MAY to 02-JUN-2006 Lugano Splashtival / Gold & Pioneer Event
49 30-SEP to 01-OCT-2006 Shanghai Splash Mob Event
50 04-NOV-2006 Basel Paint In Blue Presale Event
51 06 to 10-DEC-2006 Saalbach Hinterglemm Xmas Event
52 10-FEB-2007 Duisburg CollectoMania Event
53 24-MAY-2007 Tokyo Nicolas G. Hayek Center Opening Event
54 27 to 29-JUL-2007 Gstaad Be Swiss Event
55 30-NOV to 02-DEC-2007 King & Emperor Xmas Event Budapest
56 17+18-JUL-2008 Red Bull X-Fighters Event Madrid
57 07 to 10-SEP-2008 Bregenz Gold & Pioneer / James Bond Event
58 04-OCT-2008 Club'Art The Graphics Collection Tokyo
59 17+18-OCT-2008 Illustrative Club'Art Event Zürich
60 12 to 14-DEC-2008 Time Of Exploration Xmas Event Lisbon
61 02-APR-2009 Club Special Launch Event Paris
62 28-JUN to 01-JUL-2009 Gold & Pioneer / CreArt Event Venice
63 17-OCT-2009 Illustrative 2009 Event Berlin
64 30-OCT-2009 Frankfurt Ice Dunes Store Opening Party
65 18 to 21-DEC-2009 New York Xmas 2009 Event
66 06-MAY-2010 Swatch & Art Launch Event London
67 14 to 16-MAY-2010 Girls Pro 2010 Event Hossegor, France
68 05-JUN-2010 Sneakerness / Mystery Vintage Zürich
69 01 to 04-SEP-2010 Gold & Pioneer Event Saas-Fee, Switzerland
70 16-SEP-2010 New Gent Launch Event Milano
71 30-SEP-2010 New Gent Launch Event Bern
72 05+06-NOV-2010 Swatch Young Illustrators Award 2010 Berlin
73 20-NOV-2010 Takashi Koshii Artist event, Tokyo
74 03 to 05-JUN-2011 Girls Pro 2011 Event Hossegor, France
75 19-JUN-2011 Swatch Bourse Melzo, Italy
76 25 to 28-AUG-2011 Gold & Pioneer Event Bern / Biel, Switzerland
77 08-SEP-2011 Artyou, Basel, Switzerland
78 08-SEP-2011 Jeremyville Kidrobot signing event, Milano, Italy
79 23-OCT-2011 Robert & Durrer Exhibition Winterthur
80 21 to 25-NOV-2011 Shanghai / HK Xmas Event / Blum auction
81 23 to 25-MAR-2012 Verbier Xtreme Freeride World Tour
82 31-MAY to 03-JUN-2012 Gold & Pioneer Event Geneva, Switzerland
83 20-JUN-2012 Mathieu Mercier launch event Fribourg
84 07-JUL-2012 Free4Style, Estavayer-le-lac, Switzerland
85 20-SEP-2012 Artyou 2012, Basel, Switzerland
86 21 to 25-NOV-2012 Madrid Xmas 2012 Event
87 13 to 16-FEB-2013 Zermatt Skierscup 2013
88 27 to 30-APR-2013 Gold & Pioneer Event Strasbourg / Basel
89 21-JUN-2013 Scuba Libre Event Oberhausen
90 14+15-SEP-2013 Swatch Faces Event Venice
91 23-NOV-2013 Emil Swatch Launch Luzern
92 28-NOV to 01-DEC-2013 Vienna Xmas 2013 Event
93 07-DEC-2013 Swatch The Club UK Xmas 2013 Event
94 15-DEC-2013 SISTEM51 Launch Geneva
95 18-MAR-2014 Zurich Club watch pre-launch / Sara Hochuli
96 27-MAR-2014 London Club watch pre-launch
97 22 to 25-MAY-2014 Gold & Pioneer Event Stresa / Ticino
98 20-JUN-2014 Munich SISTEM51 Pop-up store opening
99 19-JUL-2014 Munich Mash Red Bull X-Fighters
100 30-AUG-2014 Centtrentatri Azzali 1881 Event Mantova
101 10-SEP-2014 SWA-RKSHOP launch, Frankfurt, Germany
102 08-NOV-2014 Days Of My Youth movie premiere, Munich
103 07-DEC-2014 Irony Xlite launch, Zurich, Switzerland
104 09+10-MAR-2015 Pre-Launch Club Watch 2015/16, Tokyo, Japan
105 19-MAR-2015 Pre-Launch Club Watch 2015/16, Zurich, Switzerland
106 14 to 17-MAY-2015 Gold & Pioneer Event Berlin, Germany
107 18-JUN-2015 Eva & Adele Signing Session, Basel, Switzerland
108 27-JUN-2015 Swatch Prime Line Munich, Germany
109 22-AUG-2015 Jubilee Event, Interlaken, Switzerland
110 16 to 17-SEP-2015 Second Club Watch Launch New York
111 10-NOV-2015 Schmid & Muller Collection at Sotheby's, Geneva
112 12-NOV-2015 Treviso Swap Market, Italy
113 13 to 15-NOV-2015 Venice Xmas 2015 Event
114 14-NOV-2015 OurSwatch Quattro launch, Venice, Italy (
115 05-DEC-2015 UK Xmas Event, London
116 12+13-DEC-2015 Swatch Club Canada Holiday Party, Toronto
117 10-MAR-2016 Brussels Destination Watch Launch
118 17-MAR-2016 Pre-Launch Club Watch 2016, Geneva, Switzerland
119 24-MAR-2016 Pre-Launch Club Watch 2016, Frankfurt, Germany
120 11-MAY-2016 Swatch Group General Assembly, Grenchen
121 26 to 29-MAY-2016 Gold & Pioneer Event Lucerne & Interlaken
122 12-JUN-2016 24 Stops #rehbergerweg, Weil am Rhein, Germany
123 21-SEP-2016 Second Club Watch Launch Paris, France
124 22-SEP-2016 Second Club Watch Launch Frankfurt, Germany
125 01 to 04-DEC-2016 Rotterdam Xmas 2016 Event
126 12-NOV to 30-DEC-2016 Artists To Swatch exhibition, La Jolla, CA
16-MAR-2017 Skin Collection Launch London (#YOURMOVE)
17 to 18-MAR-2017 Pre-Launch Club watch 2017 Milano, Italy (Celebration Time)
21-MAR-2017 Pre-Launch Club watch 2017 Frankfurt, Germany (Celebration Time)
130 19 to 21-MAY-2017 Gold & Pioneer Event Geneva
131 22 to 23-MAY-2017 Swatch Tour De Suisse 2017
132 20-JUN-2017 Wide Acres Of Time artist signing with Ian Davenport, Zurich
133 23-AUG-2017 Swatch Beach Volleyball FIVB World Tour Finals Hamburg
134 13-SEP-2017 Construction of Swatch Headquarters, Biel
135 17-SEP-2017 Bürgenstock Swatch store
136 28-OCT-2017 Swatch Club at La Biennale Arte 2017, Venice
137 07 to 10-DEC-2017 Swatch Club Moscow Holiday Event
138 12-JAN-2018 Launch Event, Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai
139 20-JAN-2018 Swatch X Paola Navone 'Treperotto' Launch Paris
140 01-MAR-2018 Swatch's 35th birthday & Limited Club Watch 2018 Launch Geneva
141 23-MAR-2018 Swatch Club Watch Launch and Store Opening Event, Dusseldorf, Germany
142 05 to 13-APR-2018 Time To Art exhibition, Milano, Italy
143 16/17-APR-2018 Studio Job Punk X Job launch event & autograph session, Milano, Italy
144 24-MAY-2018 Swatch Group General Assembly, Grenchen
145 21-JUN-2018 Frankfurt EI GUDE Destination Swatch Special Launch
146 28-JUL-2018 Drone Racing League at BMW World Munich (video)
147 18-NOV-2018 SwatchXDamienHirst Mickey Spot Launch, Interlaken
148 30-NOV to 02-DEC-2018 Swatch Club Holiday Event 2018, Athens, Greece
149 27-JAN-2019 Swatch GLAM collection, Tourbillon Store, Baden-Baden, Germany
150 21-FEB-2019 Swatch GLAM event Via Montenapoleone, Milano
151 07-MAR-2019 Swatch Limited Club Watch 2019 Launch Event Luzern, Switzerland
152 11-MAR-2019 Singapore Tale Destination Special Launch Event
153 14-MAR-2019 What's Yo Face photo shooting, Leica Gallery, Milano
154 15-MAR-2019 Swatch Limited Club Watch 2019 Launch Event Frankfurt, Germany
155 16-MAR-2019 Swatch Limited Club Watch 2019 Launch Event Milano, Italy
156 21-MAY-2019 SwatchXLouvre launch Instagram story, Louvre, Paris
157 23-MAY-2019 Swatch Flymagic Berlin "Sales Experience-Event"
158 31-MAY to 02-JUN-2019 Gold & Pioneer Event 2019, Berne, Switzerland
159 15-JUN-2019 SwatchXBAPE launch Frankfurt, Germany
160 21-SEP-2019 Swatch Fruit And Vegetable Market, Biel, Switzerland
161 05-OCT-2019 Swatch HQ Inauguration, Biel, Switzerland
162 10-OCT-2019 Swatch Interlaken Flagship Store (Re)Opening
163 12-OCT-2019 Swatch HQ Visit for Shareholders of Swatch Group, Biel, Switzerland
164 28-NOV to 01-DEC-2019 Swatch Club Holiday Event 2019, Budapest, Hungary
165 05-DEC-2019 Swatch Geneva Mont Blanc Store (Re)Opening / Swiss Sparklebold Launch
165 07-DEC-2019 Swatch UK Xmas Party at Flight Club Victoria, London
167 14-DEC-2019 Swatch Xmas Market, Biel, Switzerland
168 04-MAR-2020 Swatch X 007 Night, Frankfurt, Germany
169 11-MAY-2020 A Glimpse Into The Swatch Archive, Biel, Switzerland
170 22-JUL-2021 Peggy Guggenheim Collection Venice Swatch Club Live Virtual Tour
171 05-AUG-2021 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York City, Swatch Club Interactive Day
172 06-SEP-2021 Planet Swatch Museum Biel Swatch Club Virtual Tour
173 01 to 02-OCT-2021 10th Anniversary Swatch Art Peace Hotel Club Event, MAXXI museum, Rome
174 23-OCT-2021 Back To 1984 exhibition, Frankfurt Swatch store (and Düsseldorf), Germany
175 13-JAN-2022 Berlin Hauptbahnhof Store Opening w/ HU?LPMAN (hybrid event), Germany
176 09-MAR-2022 Swatch X Centre Pompidou Club Launch Event, Paris, France
177 15-MAR-2022 Swatch X Centre Pompidou Club Launch Interlaken, Switzerland
178 26-MAR-2022 MoonSwatch (Omega X Swatch) launch queues around the world / Frankfurt
179 24/25-MAY-2022 Over The Moon Gold & Pioneer Event, Biel, Switzerland
180 02-JUN-2022  Paris Champs-Élysées Megastore reopening
181 22-JUN-2022 Pop-up store  Swatch X Café De Flore For Not In Paris
182 09-JUL-2022 Swatch Club @ Swatch Beach Pro Gstaad 2022
183 16-JUL-2022 Hors Du Temps Swatch exhibition, Champery, Switzerland
184 01-SEP-2022 Divan Swatch exhibition, Geneva, Switzerland
185 01-DEC-2022 100% Swatch Swiss Club Xmas Event, Biel, Switzerland
186 09-DEC-2022 Swissmass Club Xmas Event, Düsseldorf, Germany
187 07-MAR-2023 Mission To Moonshine Gold launch Zurich, Switzerland
188 10-MAR-2023 Swatch Art Journey Club Launch Event Lisbon, Portugal
189 15-MAR-2023 Swatch Art Journey Club Event Brussels, Belgium
190 13-APR-2023 Swatch Art Journey Club Event Florence, Italy
191 10 to 11-MAY-2023 Swatch Art Journey Club Event New York City, USA
192 11-MAY-2023 Swatch Art Journey Club Event Basel, Switzerland
193 11-MAY-2023 Swatch Art Journey Launch Events New York City, London, Basel
194 25-MAY-2023 Swatch Art Journey Streetart Workshop Frankfurt, Germany
195 27 to 38-JUL-2023 G&P Summer Camp Gold & Pioneer Event, Laax, Switzerland
196 18 to 20-AUG-2023 Swatch Nines MTB Event, Schmallenberg, Germany
197 09-DEC-2023 Swatch Club Germany Xmas brunch, Düsseldorf, Germany
198 01 to 11-FEB-2024 blue MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold suitcase (SIN), Omega, Singapore

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