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The usual disclaimer:   I don't know how to obtain the watches. Please don't ask. 

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Swatch events in the past Swatch Ads

Destination City specials

A (hopefully complete) list of the Destination specials!

Swatch Access Specials and Specials with a new strap

Kiki Picasso Swatch

Check out the special page about the 1985 invitation to the launch of the Kiki Picasso Swatch! Megarare!

Swatchissimo differences

Swatch Special Packagings

Autographed Swatches

Swatch Designers Precious Metals Popular Favourites Swatch Production Box List of Swatch specials until November 1997 Other Swatch sites

  (best non-commercial picture site by Michael, highly recommended!)  Pictures of Vendôme swatches
Yasuhiro Minato (a good friend from Japan)
Lyndon's Swatch Corner (Singapore)
Patrick von Dach's Swatchlover's site (Switzerland)