Gold & Pioneer Event Strasbourg/Basel 2013

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On sunday morning, we met at the hotel lobby for a "Gold & Pioneer Rallye Strasbourg".  Fortunately, the rain had stopped, just in time (saturday was awful).

Each team had about 10 members, so we were 14 teams in total, competing against each other.  The rallye was extremely well prepared up to the last detail.  Each team received a roadbook, a GPS unit, a digital camera, maps, ...  A local guide was accompanying each team.

final instructions

here we go to GPS point 1

no shopping on sunday

We had to stop at several locations within the old town of Strasbourg.  Sometimes, we had to solve a puzzle, sometimes, we had to take a funny picture in front of a well known building etc.  Many interesting and difficult tasks. Sometimes, the internet did help a bit but it seems that in some cases, it was also misleading.  The exact number of steps up to the "Strasbourg Münster" (Cathedral) is 332, not 330 :-)

"take a picture of your group together with a beauty from Alsace"

Barrage Vauban

inside Barrage Vauban

"take a picture of the most creepy figures inside of Barrage Vauban"

The next stop was near the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.  We had to build a stork (heraldic animal of Alsace) using some large and some small wooden poles and sticks and a little rope.

I think that we did quite well...

Time for lunch:  Some traditional tarte flambée at the restaurant Au Pont Saint Martin (directly in the heart of la Petite France).  Very yummy!

After lunch:  More walking through the city!

in the back:  traditional hotel Maison Kammerzell (we had dinner there later)

another task:  buy a traditional "Kougelhopf" and take pictures while eating it

Strasbourg Cathedral

yet another task...

for Brian :-)

Later in the afternoon, it was time for some action:  A bus took us to Germany (Kehl), just across the Rhine, to the Yacht harbour.

A speed boat was waiting for us.  Next task:  Take some funny pictures while the boat is speeding at about 110 km/h.  That was really fast!  But as you can see, all the participating groups had fun!

Picture by Stawi

Picture by Stawi

Picture by Stawi

And we also had to finish the coat of arms of our group ("die klappernden Störche"), here is a preliminary sketch:

As a final task, we had to set up a pile of wooden blocks just by using some thin rope.  Very difficult but we did reasonably well!

Picture by Stawi

The rallye finished at about 6pm, everyone was a little exhausted but happy!  Dinner took place at the traditional hotel Maison Kammerzell.  Excellent food and we got to taste the local speciality:  Choucroute with fish.  In Alsace, everything is available with choucroute :-)

After the main course, Reto announced the winning group.  Valter, German, Russ, and the others were very happy!  They were the only team that managed to stack up all eight wooden blocks.  Congratulations!

They received a very special prize:  The recently issued first Swatch specials related to the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

The russian lifestyle brand Bosco has issued two nice Swatch watches, limited to 2000 pcs (each?  in total?): 


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