Swatch Gold & Pioneer Event Stresa / Ticino 2014

 Stresa, Italy and Ticino, Switzerland, 22 to 25-MAY-2014

From 22 to 25-MAY-2014, the traditional Swatch The Club Gold & Pioneer event took place in Stresa, Italy and Ticino, Switzerland.  About 132 club members from all over the world participated at the event.

Thursday, during lunch time, we met at the *****L-hotel Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées in Stresa (Lago Maggiore).  In 2013, the hotel celebrated its 150th birthday.  So we assembled at a truly historic place.

A wonderful hotel where a familiar sign was set up to welcome the collectors in the entrance hall.

At 2pm, Claude Bravi (head of Swatch The Club), gave a welcome speech with a few introductory remarks.

Hi German!

Weather predictions for the weekend had been horrible (20-50 L/m^2 rain per day) and this had been discussed intensively among the collectors.  Fortunately it turned out to be much better than predicted.  But not on thursday.  A rainy afternoon, so everyone stayed underneath the roof of the beautiful main entrance of the hotel.

But the rain could not disturb the good mood, as it was time for a glass of champaign.

Due to the rain, the planned summer olympics had to be held indoors.  Time for a few funny indoor games, with several mixed groups competing against each other.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Swatch proudly presents:  Dizzy Mummy!  Face The Cookie! and many more...

... now how to hit that little can???

Overall, we did a fantastic job as you can see on the following picture:

In the end, a winning team was found.  I guess that the sheer number of team members helped as well :-)  Each team member of the winning team received a special Olympic Volunteers 2014 Swatch Gent watch (GP141). 

A short break before dinner, so it was time to explore this beautiful hotel a little more...

The hotel still uses real keys!

On the way to meet up for dinner, we encountered a few familiar faces.



A big advantage of an event in a town at a lake (Lago Maggiore) is the fact that we can take a boat instead of a bus.  A short walk from the hotel took us to the nearby shore where we entered a boat.

Entertainment during the entrance of the boat!

A short trip took us to the small island of Isola dei Pescatori where dinner was served at the Ristorante Verbano

as you can see: lots and lots of rain

You already catched a glimpse of it before:  A special T-shirt was worn by many collectors during the first evening. Each collector had printed the T-shirt on his own, so this came as a surprise to many of the collectors and also the Swatch staff.  Time to take a few pictures (nicked from facebook):

Random distribution of the entrance tickets to the Swatch kiosk on the next day

After a nice dinner, we came back to the hotel shortly before midnight.  The hotel was illuminated nicely.

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